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Brittany - posted on 07/10/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I've been trying to give my 7 1/2 month old daughter bites of table food but she refuses everything. She won't even pick it up and bring it to her mouth. She just mushes it up in her hands. I've tried giving her baked sweet potato and banana. She seems to have no interest in feeding herself or trying table food. Does anyone else have this problem?


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Susan - posted on 07/11/2009




My son (7 and a half months) will bring bits of food like the puffs to his mouth but they usually get stuck in the palm of his hand. Its funny to see him try to get it in his mouth and he usually ends up just sucking on his fingers. I help him out at that point. Now with the baby mum mum crackers, he can get those to his mouth and suck and chew on them easier. Probably because they are bigger to hold and handle.
We went out to a restaurant the other night and I had a sliver of a pickle on my plate (don't like them) however, I gave it to him to suck on and he chewed it himself without me helping. I guess it just takes time for them to learn.

Karen - posted on 07/11/2009




It's really just part of the self feeding process. Try letting her play with it a little while you offer her other pieces and put those in her mouth yourself. Then try bringing her hand to mouth to show her what to do. If she gets upset, just try again in a few days. I give my son puffed cereal to practice because it doesn't mush in his hands. It takes a lot of practice!

Amber - posted on 07/10/2009




my daughter Kennedy did that too at first shes 8 months now and is still getting the hang of it.I just set small pieces out on her high chair tray and let her practice picking food up and bringing to her mouth.She still smashes it in her hands sometimes or throws it but shes learning,so don't worry she will get it soon enough!

User - posted on 07/10/2009




My son grabs cheerios and puts them to his mouth but spits it out. He hasn't learned to chew yet even though he has 6 teeth! I don't think his is really ready for table food yet. Maybe your little girl just needs more time to warm up...

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