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Kelly - posted on 03/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is now almost 4 months old and i have to rock, bounce, or whatever i have to do to get him to sleep, i am tired of it and looking for ideas on how to get him out of that routine. and in one that i can just lay him down and he will go to sleep on his anyone?????


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Elizabeth - posted on 03/11/2009




I fell victim to the same thing, since my daughter would only sleep in her swing, she would only fall asleep if she was moving. Even now that she is FINALLY in her bassinet (which she is about to grow out of), I have to rock it somewhat. If I ever decide to have another baby, I will not rock him/her because I heard it is a horrible habit to break. Did you do anything else while rocking him...i.e. music, white noise, etc? If you did, you might try putting him down but turning on the familiar music. It's just a thought. Most likely he will cry, but if you tire him out enough during the day, he will probably fall asleep pretty quickly.

Mandi - posted on 03/11/2009




I wish it was that easy!!! It took my daughter, now almost 20 months forever to fall asleep on her own. I also have a son almost 4 months. I have to hold him and rock or walk around with him to get him to sleep. I think he would be fine if I let him lay there a while, but I never want to wak the other child!!!! good luck~~~~~~just know that anything that you try, stick with it and it almost always works!

Shannon - posted on 03/10/2009




I still have to rock my 4 month old daughter every night, but I put her in the crib as soon as she starts getting drowsy, but is still awake. I whisper good night and kiss her on the cheek and sort of rest my head on the crib railing for a few minutes...then I leave. At first she would cry...but now most of the time she falls asleep on her own. I also bought a "white noise machine" at Walgreens. As soon as I turn the waterfall setting on now, she knows it is bed time and she immediately calms down. She and I both enjoy the minute or two of rocking and humming, but then she falls asleep on her own once drowsy. I found this to be a nice compromise. Hope it helps!

Melissa - posted on 03/10/2009




Hmm... this won't be an easy exercise so there is going to be lots of cries... Start by putting him straight into his cot put stay with him patting him on the back until he stops crying. Once he stops crying, just stay there so he knows you're still there. After 2 mins leave the room. If he cries again then go back & pat his back until he stops crying. You don't want to pat him to sleep but you're patting him just to tell him you're still there. Good luck!! I've been very lucky & didn't rock my son at all when he was newborn...

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