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Table Food

Alyson - posted on 06/30/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




My son was born on November 18....I have been feeding him baby food (he is eating 2nd foods) I also sometimes give him those biter biscuits, but I use the net so he will not choke on them. Can I start feeding him table food...if so what kind..I know like mashed potatoes and small pieces of bananas. Any other ideas....I am just soooo worried about him choking. Thanks so much!!


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Alex - posted on 07/10/2009




yeah my baby is the same as christinas baby, born on the same day too. i give her finger foods as thats the only thing she will really eat. Her favourate is chicken strips. i cut strips of chicken then crumb them , she loves these and munchs on them for ages. I also give her food that is meant for 1 year olds, but let her hold the spoon and just try and guide her. I was afraid of her chocking so i make sure that someone is around montering her when she is eating just in case. Also with cherrios i take the red skin off as this sometimes goes down funny .

Christina - posted on 07/09/2009




My daughter was born November 3rd and has recently decided that she is not a baby and will not eat baby food For a while I was able to feed her apple sauce but she will not eat that either. She has 2 little teeth and is eating who bunch of stuff- today she had pasta. SHe had toast, small pieces of fruit, small pieces of meat, hamburger helper. We are careful.

Ashley - posted on 07/09/2009




my son was born on the 12th and i give him basically anything that i eat as long as he won't choke on it. i give him little bites of cheese, bread(toast), cheerios, goldfish crackers, biter biscuits, ice cream, mashed potatoes, i even give him tiny bites of my pizza, he eats all this with only two teeth. he loves food so much he started watching me eat at only 3 months old so i started him on cereal at 4 months. the only table food i don't give him is any kind of meat cuz my mom is 52 and has a small esophogaus and so she is always choking on her meat and we have spent many sleepless nights in the ER and the doctors say it can be hereditary but even if my mom didn't have that problem i still wouldn't give him meat it's too tough and dry. pretty much give your baby whatever you feel comfortable with. my son has also had really soft and soggy fries(the ones i don't like) i just bite off the crunchy ends and away he goes. they also have this yogurt for babies it's called yobaby and my son loves it:)

Darcy - posted on 07/05/2009




My LO was born on the 5th and all iv given her is the puffs, yogurt melts, the cookies, and as for table food Ive given her mashed potatoes and i pureed meat loaf im so scared to give her other food....She is 8months today has no teeth but when she has her puffs she tries to chew them...So so i be giving her more or wait til she has teeth

Cori - posted on 07/04/2009




i LOVE my net feeders.. i give my son everything in there.. i will make some avocado puree and put it in small ice cube trays freeze then put it in the net feeder and he loves sucking on it so much.. i do the same with peaches, apple sauce and even plain water ice cubes for his teeth. he doesnt like bananas but they work great in the feeder too. as far as table food other than soft fruits and veggies i wouldnt try to push it far!

Shawna - posted on 07/03/2009




I am like you lol. I am so scared my baby will choke too. He was born on the 1st of novemeber 2008. I just started to give him those puffs that melt but i break them in half . I have also tried tiny pieces of toast and tiny pieces of things here and there but not too much. I guess what ever we feel comfortable doing, Every mother and baby is different. Just keep doing what your doing, he will eat table food someday.

[deleted account]

My daughter born November 22nd, also gets table food, anything soft as she doesn't have teeth yet. I've also been giving her the gerber puffs, baby cherios (they have a different name but I don't remember, I found them in the baby food section), twisties (the ones we used to get as kids in the big blue bag), she also loves aarowroot cookies & chessies (cut up). Enjoy giving him anything he can't choke on. I also make sure my daughter has her sippy cup of juice right beside her so she can have a small drink inbetween handfuls of food.

[deleted account]

I was thinking about that for my son who was born on November 4th 2008. Does he have teeth? My son has three, and he tries to chew all the time. :) I just started giving him some things that Gerber makes, for his stage. One thing that he loves are these things called yogurt melts. The nice part about the beginner finger foods from Gerber is that they dissolve pretty quickly, so there is less chance of choking. A couple chomps and its dissolved!

Amy - posted on 07/01/2009




My son was born November 9th. I still haven't given him much for table foods yet, maybe pieces of things here n there. I've noticed lately when food is in his mouth he'll chew, makes me feel safer about giving it to him. I think its different for every baby, and what you feel comfortable with. rice puffs and anything tiny is good for now for my lil one, at least til more teeth come in!

Julie - posted on 07/01/2009




My daughter was also born November 18!!! I have been feeding her all kinds of table food for about a month or so. I have given her soft pasta, avocado, carrots and green beans in the can (much softer bc of they sit in water), toast, grilled cheese, american cheese, soup (i pick out the chicken carrots etc), ravioli, and gerber puffs. I started her with the puffs they dissolve very quickly. I wanted to see what she can handle. I have also given her cheerios cut in half. Let me know how it goes and hope this helps! Good luck!

Kelly - posted on 07/01/2009




My son was born on November 14th, and he also is eating the 2nd foods, and the biter biscuts and graham crackers, gerber puffs, and i also give him some table food like mashed potatoes, bread, fruit and veggies, and anything that i think is baby friendly, stuff that i don't think that he will choke on.......he has had noodles, breakfast sausage, some hamburger helper, and tater tot casserol, and the list goes on and on, but i only give it to him if i think that its ok, and i don't give him any of the things that they say not to before 1 year........just try it out and see how he does, he will let you know if he likes it or not.....good luck and hope this helped.......

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