Toddler Growth, where is yours?

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My son is almost 26 months old
Size 24 - 2T shirts
size 24 pants (his legs seem short, but he is really long)
size 8 feet (toddler)
3 feet tall

He talks, but its choppy and sometimes difficult to understand. He can say about 200 words and combine upto 4-6 in a sentence.


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Cathy - posted on 02/13/2011




my daughter turned 2 at the end of November.
--3T shirts and pants
--weighs 28lbs
---36 inches tall
---size 8 shoe (would be a 7 but she wears ankle braces)

My daughter talks all the time and just about everyone understands her. She speaks very clearly and in many word sentences. She is slightly delayed in her gross motor skills as she has scoliosis but she is super smart.. She knows her ABC's and can count to 12 and is learning her colors especially pink :)

Stephanie - posted on 02/04/2011




my son is 28months old ....
he wears 24-3t shirts cuz he has a big head
and 24month pants
size 7 shoe
and is 23lbs
he does really talk much maybe 7 or 8 words that ok for his age sometimes it worrys me

Colleen - posted on 02/04/2011




Ok, so my son fell off the charts he's so small hehe. He just turned 27 months yesterday. Size 18-24months pants but some are still big. Size 24 moths or 2T shirts, 18-24 moths for pajamas. Size 5 shoe, but soon will be size 6. He's 25 1/2 lbs and 33" tall. Nice short stocky, built. He's got a 3 year old vocabulary and great sentences, knows all colors, number to 10 and all letters. Makes jokes and totally learns many things quickly. So the brain is growing faster than the body hehe :)

Sarah - posted on 02/03/2011




My daughter is 27 months wearing 2T for everything and size 7-8 shoes depending on the brand. she is 3' 2" and 26 pounds.

Veronica - posted on 01/31/2011




My son was 26 months on the 23rd.

His sizes are:
3T pants
2T-3T shirts
Size 10 shoes
He weighs 34lbs
He is 36.5" tall

He is just a shade late in talking. He has lots of words and in the last couple of weeks has been using 3-4 word sentences. But his speech has picked up A LOT since we got him to stop sucking his thumb. He is healthy, active, and from the looks of things pretty much on track when compared to the other boys here!

Louise - posted on 01/31/2011




My daughter is 26 months and is very tall for her age. She wears size 3-4 year old clothes as her legs are so long. I am not surprised she is tall as her brother is 6 foot 4 inches and her other brother is 6 foot (they are both adults lol) The problem we have is that people think she is alot older than she is and they expect her to do more for example why is she in nappies? Well bless her she is not ready yet. Her speach is on par for her age and she has some very funny expressions! My daughter is also 27lbs and fit and healthy so whatever you are doing with your son you are doing a good job.

I can also tell you if you measure your son on his 3rd birthday that will be half his adult height. It has worked for both of my sons.

Kim - posted on 01/28/2011




My daughter is 26 months old. She weighs 25lbs and can still fit into some 24 month clothes but for the most part is in 2T. My daughter talks in full sentences all day long! The only time she is actually quiet is when she is sleeping or with someone new...she is super shy!

Alexandra - posted on 01/27/2011




my son is 26 months. pants 24months, shirts/sweaters 3T, shoes 8, 33 lbs, not sure on height. says a lot of words in portuguese, english and sign language.

Caitlin - posted on 01/27/2011




My daughter is 2 months, she wears size 3T tops, size 2 bottoms but htey are really loose on her waist, size 6 shoes, 3' tall, 24 pounds. She started developing her vocabulary in the past month, but most other people still don't understand her. It's cute to see her try though.

Heidi - posted on 01/27/2011




DD is 26 months, Size 2t-3t shirts, Size 2t pants, size 6 shoes, 3 feet tall and around 29 lbs. She seems to be skipping right through the 2t's. She only started wearing them the last week of November and now most of the shirts are too short and some of the pants. I am having to buy adjustable waist pants because she is quite thin and tall. My DD talks ALL. THE. TIME. She has more words than most. It is cute, but at times weird. She talks more than a lot of the 3 yo boys in her playgroup. It is nice that we always know exactly what she wants, but sometimes I worry that because she is so verbal people forget she is younger.

Cori - posted on 01/27/2011




my little guy turned 2 on the 20th of november

size 24-3t shirts, depends on the brand
24-2t pants
7 shoes (almost an 8!)
35 inches (at his 2 yo check up)
and 27 lbs (hes "lean")

he talks all day but its hard for my husband or anyone else for that matter to understand (a lot) of it but i get most of it. he puts small sentences together (3-5 words) but we need to work on "diction" its driving me crazy sometimes!

Deanna - posted on 01/27/2011




My daughter is almost 27 months.

She's in 2T shirts,
2t or 3T pants
Size 7 shoes
She's 36 inches tall

She can talk in full sentences, 98% of people can understand her. I cant even try to count the number of words she says. She is potty trained.

Kristi - posted on 01/25/2011




My son was 26 months old on the 11th ...
3T to 4T shirts
24 month to size 2 pants (short little legs compared to his upper body)
size 7 shoes, almost 8
38 inches tall
31 pounds

Mine doesn't talk hardly at all ... just a couple words here and there and the odd sentence when he feels like it. Sure hope he learns more words soon because his not being able to communicate makes is really hard for him to express things like anger - so he's been biting a lot lately when he's mad ...

Maggie - posted on 01/25/2011




My daughter is almost 27 months old.

Size 12 - 18 shirts (but she is almost to the point where they are too short in the arms)

size 12 - 18 pants (most pairs are too long but fit in the waist so I just roll them at the waist)

size 5 shoe

31" tall


She is my wee Miss, but, hey, I get a lot of wear out of her clothes (lol).

Becky talks pretty much non-stop from the time she wakes up til she drops off to sleep. I can understand pretty much everything that she says but I have to translate for other people (including her Daddy sometimes). She has hundreds of words and comes out with more every day. She can combine 5 to 7 words in a sentence and it is nice because we can have conversations now.

Julie - posted on 01/23/2011




Hi my son is the same age and says alot too, i can understand about half of it, I catch a few key words and know what he is telling me. I dont know exactly how many words but there are quite a few. He is also 3 feet tall and weighs 35 lbs, size 8 feet and wears size 3 (australian).

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