Which sippy cups to use?

Amanda - posted on 01/01/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi, my son is is almost 14months and still has bottle of milk in morning and before bed, the rest of day is usually water from a cup if at home and a bottle if we are out. I have bought 5 different kinds of sippy cups and he wont drink from them. Any suggestions on brands that I could try, I dont like him to have a bottle when we are out for the day, I wont give him a cup when we are out its too messy.


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Robyn - posted on 02/04/2010




I started with the Avent cups, but they are really bad leakers after a couple of washes. I then switched to Gerber about 6 weeks ago and have had really good luck. I like the insulated cups as well.

Lisa - posted on 02/02/2010




My son loves the NUK training cup, he had no clue that I switched him to it from a bottle. He had no problem with it and thinks it's a bottle. I thought it was going to be a struggle to wean him off the bottle, but the first time I gave it to him, he accepted it with ease. Have you tried this one yet? Hope this helps your lil guy, all lil ones are different:)

Chrystal - posted on 01/31/2010




My son has a Kleen Kanteen. It is nice because it came with a nipple, a sippy and a sports cap so he can transition as he gets older, and we can use the same cup for a while. It is also made out of stainless steel so it is easy to clean and doesn't absorb any odors or flavors

Nikki - posted on 01/31/2010




I started transitioning my son with the munchkin soft nipple ones. (no handles-he didn't like the handles). One word of caution, as Amy mentioned, even though they say spill proof, they are not. I have watched him turn them upside down and push the nipple onto his high chair tray and then proceed to "paint" with the milk that came out. :)
But, that is how he transitioned off of the bottle, and now he prefers the playtex insulated sippy cups with the hard spout and I love the leak-proof valve.

Amy - posted on 01/11/2010




I inroduced a couple different kinds of sippy cups to my son when he was about 10 mos, he's tried about 5 kinds now. i don't use anything but playtex brand, they have a patended rubber piece in the lid, it really doesnt leak! my issue with them was always that they say "no spill" but they do anyway, so annoying with a lil one who throws his cup around and bangs it on things!
The first cup that he adjusted well to was NUK, it has removable handles and a soft nipple (closer to the feel of a bottle), i still use those sometimes. A soft nipple is my suggestion, and i wouldn't go cheap cuz they leak.

Lynda - posted on 01/11/2010




My daughter, almost 15 months, prefers the Nuby cups. They have a silicone top, same material as a nipple so it was easier for her to learn to drink from it. We bought her some playtex ones that have the valve and she has to suck to get juice out too. She had trouble with those at first, but now has the hang of it. Good luck!

Amanda - posted on 01/01/2010




I use the munchkin brand sippy cups. THey are cheap and have some which are disposable. Also, the ones with straws were a little difficult for my son to work so we took the insert straw inside the cup out so he could tip the cup back to get a drink like with a bottle. First one we tried him with was a soft tip that has the slits in it because it was most like a bottle. I would just go out and buy one cup at a time and try it with him showing him how to drink from it first so they know if you can do it so can he. My son is 13 months and takes every sippy or regular cup he sees.

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