November 2010 Babies

For women expecting a baby in November 2010


Pacifier Problems

I am having the hardest time getting rid of the binki. It seems like she wants it more than she ever has before. Any suggestions?


Already almost 2!

So Tristin is now talking up a storm! Copying everything is older brother says including "No, I don't want to"..."That's cool" is everyone else doing?!


Any thing new?

Now that our babies are toddlers,what all are your babies up too? Saying any cute phrases? Habits? What kind of schedule are your babies on? Walking or running? I would love to...


How can I make my baby eat?!?

My 14-month-old is not meeting "government standards" in terms of her weight. All of her life she has been in the 5th percentile, but just recently fell off of the chart all...


Fusses ALL the time!

My son fusses ALL DAY. I am about to have another baby anytime now and his constant fussing is starting to wear on me since I'm more tired right now. He won't play with his toys...



So Tristin is now up and mobile. He had started taking a few steps a couple weeks ago and now he's walking across the room. He'll be 1 on the 19th, growing so fast!


Our babies are almost one!!!!

I can't believe our babies are almost one already!!! Aaron will be one on the 2nd!!! He still isn't walking though... Does anyone have any tips for getting him to walk? He is...


Already saying mama!

So my now 10 month old has started saying mama yesterday. If I am not in the room and he is trying to get my attention he yells out ma ma ma...he's growing so fast! Anyone else...


Mixed feelings, have you felt this way?

I have a little one that is 7 months old (born Nov. 2010) and a 5 year old. When I was pregnant my husband and I made plans and changes so that I could stay home with the...


1st birthday ideas for a turkey baby...

My daughter's 1st birthday falls on thanksgiving this year but I still want to have a party for her. My apartment isn't big enough to host a party and we have cold winters so I...


how to stop swaddling baby

My four month old still needs to be tightly swaddled. We use the miracle blanket and he cant use anything else. He has outgrown it and we have to swaddle the legs again cuz he...