November 2011 Babies

talk about new pregnancy, babies, and other children... talk about whatever!


Does my little one love me?

My son doesn't show any signs of separation anxiety. He doesn't care if I come and go. He doesn't prefer me to hold him or get overly excited when I come home from being gone....


Help! Sleep issues!

Help! At 4MO, my LO decided she will ONLY take naps if she's in the car seat, and I rock her back and forth until she's asleep. This hasn't stopped! She will be 6Mo old...


only wants to be held for naps

My almost 5 month old has always been a good sleeper but for the last couple days he wakes up as soon as I put him in his crib.he only wants to be held. I have a 2 1/2 who has...


Is your baby rolling yet?

Hello November mums! I had my baby on 15 nov, weighing 8 lb 8 oz which makes him now 8wks old and he has rolled twice from his tummy to back! I'm not sure if he fluked it or...


How big is your November baby?

Well, Jeremy is 2 months old now, born 11/20/11. He was 11lbs 9oz and 59.5cm (23") at birth. He is now 16lbs 4oz and 65cm (26"). How big are yours little ones now?


When are you due? Anyone dilated?

I am due Nov 29th with my 2nd and dilated 1 1/2 cm. I never dilated with my first so I am hoping this is a good sign I can deliver. As of now I am scheduled for a 2nd c-section.


Due Now 2011. Am having a lot of cramping.

I called my ob and she told me to rest and take tylenol. The cramps do go away but they are very frequent, and they hurt. I don't remember having them with my first pregnancy,...


Has anyone had a 2nd C-Section?

I am scheduled to have my 2nd Nov 29th and I have some concerns about recovery. My son will be 2 in Nov so it will be hard to take care of him, a newborn, and recover from the...


Morning Sickness?

How is everyone feeling? I'm 10 weeks and feel crappy 2 out of 3 days. Some days, like today, it's hard to get out of bed at all. I have constant excess saliva and need to spit...