November 2013 Babies

For moms who are due (or delivered!) in November 2013.


i need so help

my daughter is 16 months old and she has been hitting other babys that are younger i dont want to spank her for hitting i think that would be confusing i hitting u to stop u...


Can I start my 4 month old on solid food?

Hello Ladies! I'm new to Circle of Moms and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Michelle. I have a daughter who was born in November (original due date was in December). She...


Juice and formula

My baby is 6weeks old and has a touch of constipation. My doctor said it was okay to give him fruit juice that is watered down two times a day. my question is, will it make him...


Need help with transition

My daughter sleeps on a wedge that straps her in but soon she will be too big for it and I am wanting to know how to best transition her to her crib. She has a mattress wedge...

Started by Carrington on 02/24/2014 in November 2013 Babies

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14 week DS not feeding well :'(

dear moms, i have a 14 week old son who around 3 weeks back stopped feeding as well as he used to. Uptil then he was taking between 100-140 ml every 3 hours (averaging 7 feeds...


auditind some one

Can I audit my babies daddy it I didn't wanthim to use my baby on his taxes


Letting 2 month old CIO

I am having sleep issues and I am not sure where to go from here. Our pediatrician is french and he told us in his charming french accent " Your baby is 2 months old, if you...



I would like to know after my baby miscarriage, so how many month can I start again. Please advice. Thank you in advance. Thanks. Lay Theavy