meds to increase milk? working mom need pump more

Elizabeth - posted on 05/15/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i am working full time and have been able to pump enough to have back up milk and milk for my daughter during the day at daycare. i feed her in the morning, go and feed her at lunch and then at night we co-sleep and on most weekends she is feeding from me as much as possible. she is now 7 and a half months...started some solids at dinnertime but seems to be having a growth spurt and i am concerned that i am not going to have enough milk (pumped) to provide for her during the daytime when we are apart. we have been pretty steady at her eating 13 ounces a day in addition to my feeding her in the morning, at lunch and then at night.

so, i think i have a good supply it is just i can't pump enough...i know if we were together during the day it would be fine but i am pumping every 2 hours (sometimes 1.5 hours when i can at work) and have been making it work but with this growth spurt or whatever it is she seems to need 5 more ounces a day so 18 ounces total pumped milk a day and i just don't think i can swing it .

so, my question is...have you used herbs/meds to up milk production? if so, what was your experience like?

thoughts? suggestions?

many thanks.


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Marie - posted on 06/17/2009




I used fenugreek for a while but the effectiveness drops off over time.

When even the fenugreek stopped working I started domperidone (Reglan in the states). We're at 13 months and still breastfeeding. Inserting solids over the course of the day too.

Jennifer - posted on 06/07/2009




I have used Fenugreek also, and it works great! Haven't tried the tea but the capsuls. If you start to smell like maple syrup then it should be working! I see this is a couple weeks old so hopefully things are working out for you now! Good luck!

Elizabeth - posted on 05/27/2009




thanks so much! she is now taking solids at daycare at 1 and then at night with us so i do think this is helping. i will def. look into the fenugreek supplements! thank you for your help!!

Alissa - posted on 05/21/2009




Hi Elizabeth!

I use Fenugreek herbal supplements. It works great for me! They have tea, but I prefer the caplets. You may want to try pumping first think in the morning after she eats when your supply is the highest. My daughter is also 7.5 months and I feed her solids twice a day. If you up your daughter's intake of solids it might take a little pressure off of you. Best of luck to you!


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