How will you celebrate your son's 6th birthday?

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Hi Wonderful Moms!

We're rounding up great ideas from moms for birthday celebrations for boys of all ages. How will you celebrate your son's 6th birthday? What do you think would be his favorite gift? Have you been to another great 6th birthday party for a boy? What did you find special about it?

Thanks for your responses!

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Kacie - posted on 10/05/2011




Things have changed! Well, theme anyway. Super Mario Bros. theme. Thanks, Jace! pick something i have to order online and wait for it to come in instead of just going to a party shop and getting everything!

Party will be held at a gymnastics place that sets up bounce houses throughout the building. the cheapest place and what a relief! most places are like $150 but $10 extra for each additional kid after the 1st 8! NO THANKS! this place is unlimited kids for $175! i HATE birthday parites! LoL

Shayla - posted on 10/04/2011




We're doing a bowling alley bday party, with some fun games along the way (with closed eyes, dancing down the lane, etc.). We've done house parties until now, with his 5th being a Superhero bday party, where the kids came dressed in costume, and we had a Spiderman character come and perform martial arts moves, magic tricks, and do balloon dwords. We've limited the amount of kids to between 10 and 14. Not the whole class. For bday #4, we did a "Messy Hands" arts and crafts party, and 3 was a Clifford the Big Red Dog one, where we played dog games (8 kids) and decorated dog-bone cookies. His parties have always been a lot of fun for everyone, but a lot of work too. This year, being outside the house will be a relief.

Amy - posted on 09/12/2011




Since Halloween is between both my son's and daughters birthdays we are having a Hallowrthdays.. Combining both birthdays and halloween together

We have also decided to make it a bit more personal for each of them by getting them their own cakes and balloons, that way they will know that we are celebrating them as individuals as well.

Kacie - posted on 06/24/2011




Not sure on how yet. the past couple years its been the same....our house with a rented moonwalk/slide/bouncehouse combo. Gettin kinda tired of it (i am, i doubt he is)

Ive already been told that he wants a CARS 2 birthday, so the theme is set!

His favorite gift, will no doubt be a Wii!! we were going to get him a new bike for his birthday since he learned to ride without training wheels, but his bike broke. So we had to get another one and there went that idea. We saw how much he LOVES playing the Wii at my sisters house and grandparents house and he's been asking for one, so there's his 'big' gift!

This will be his first birthday after being in school! =( Last year since he wasnt in school and his birthday fell on a weekday, i took him to Galveston and we went to Moody Gardens, played at the beach, walked and looked at shops on The Strand, went to the old icecream parlor/candy shop and had sundaes. but this year he'll be spending his birthday in school (it falls on a wedbesday this year)

Shannintipton - posted on 05/03/2011




We had a bounce house party. We invited the whole class. It was great and a lot of work, but fun. I will do it for my daughter at that age. :{+)

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