Advice and comments on why my 3 yr old has stopped pooping in the potty...

Linzie - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi my name is Linzie and my son's name is Jeremiah. For some reason over the last month or so Jeremiah won't poop in the potty anymore. He has been potty trained for a little over a year now and didn't have any accidents for at least 10 months or more. He was doing so well and then all of a sudden he started pooping in his pants again. At first he was only doing it at home. He would go and hide and then come tell me that he pooped his pants. Now he is also doing it at school. He goes to school 5 days a week and all the kids in his class are also potty trained, as it is part of the stipulations of him being able to attend school. It is now becoming quite a problem. It didn't seem to be a problem until a little while after I began taking care of my godson Caiden full time. Jeremiah is always up in the mix while I change Caiden's diaper. So I'm not sure if maybe that is why. But he also used to poop like a grown man pretty much. But now it is just little hard turds and he complains of it being to hard to go. I have tried to change up his diet a little bit but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. If anyone has any recommendations or advice I would appreciate it because it is starting to become quite a problem with school. Thank you!


Eleanor - posted on 05/18/2010




Its hard to say, It could be a little bit of both. I know when my DD bowels get hard I add some karo syrup to her milk. It softens the bowels. I do think if he didn't start doing this until you started babysitting your godson that he might be showing you some signs of jealousy. Do you make it a bid deal with you Godson? Like Playing with him while changing his diaper ect. If so maybe you can make it look like (to your Son anyways) like how gross it is, don't make it look fun, and don't give alot of attention to it. I know that with my girls ( which are only 17 months apart) my husband would say things like who pooed in your diaper. Which to my oldest one she thought was fun, so she would tell him that she pooed, even though she didn't but she would get attention from him. So we had a talk about the game he plays so we didn't have that very thing happen to us. I was afraid that if daddy was making it a bid deal with the baby that she would have to make it a big deal for her. I hope I made sense hear and it helps.

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