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Ashlee - posted on 06/14/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I think my son is pretty normal for his age. But I have a friend who is constantly commenting that he is "chubby." Her son is like a stick though, so I don't know if she is just seeing my son as chubby because he son is so skinny, because he doesn't look big to me. He is 40 1/2 in. and he isn't quite 36 lbs. Does that seem pretty normal?


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Lindsey - posted on 12/28/2010




wow if your friend thinks your child is "chubby", she would think my child is huge!! ;0 She is 4years 2months is 42 1/2 inches and 48lbs. She is 90% for height and off the charts at 105% for weight. She in no way looks fat or even chubby, but she just very muscular from dance, gymnastics and her build. I have never had a friend, family member or anyone every tell me that my daughter was anything other than tall for her age. You need to know that your son is very normal and if his doctor is not concerned, than you should not be either.

Susan - posted on 08/17/2010




I am sorry a "friend" is making you question your son's healthy weight. A loose rule for a good height/weight balance until around 50 inches is 1 lb per inch. (after 50 inches doc wants to see them add weight at a higher rate) This isn't to say that if your child is 45 inches and 38 lbs there is a problem - only your doctor can tell you that, but your son sounds like he is within "normal limits"

For what it is worth, my 3 y/o is 39 inches and 40 lbs - solid, but in no way chunky, and my 6 y/o is 49 inches, 54 lbs and generally regarded as a beanpole!

I agree completely to invoke your doctor here -- "His doctor says he is perfect for his height" (and I confess I would be tempted to add "as you sure ____ is on track with his growth? He seems a little frail... - though that's just me being snarky :)

Tracy - posted on 06/25/2010




don't you just hate that - like it's a competition and seriously how are you going to make your child any taller than they are - where does your son fall on the growth charts? my daugther is 3 1/2 also and 39 in tall and 34 lbs - she is about 75% for height and weight I think she was 50 or so, but I did look up her BMI and she is way under weight according to that, she has a BMI of 14 I think

Judy - posted on 06/21/2010




My son is a similar height, but not yet 31lbs. I'm happy to say that my son is slim. I don't think he is underweight as he eats plenty and is very active, but he is certainly petite. Don't stress, and check out his child BMI online if you want some real statistics.

Leah - posted on 06/14/2010




My little girl Skylir is the same 40 1/2 and 35 pounds. your son is in no way chubby. The next time she says that about your son just say that his doc says his weight is just right for his how tall he is and there is no reason for him to be as skinny as her son.

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