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Kerry - posted on 09/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




my little girl has been out of nappys and in big girls pants for a while now but she still insists on wearing a nappy at night any ideas on how i can get round this


Rebecca - posted on 03/17/2010




well, mine still wears a nappy at night. is her nappy dry in the morning? mine asked to stop wearing nappies but has been told she can stop wearing nappies when she has a week's worth of dry nights.... she still has a bedtime drink, so it's unlikely to happen at this stage -- she knows that she needs to stop having a bedtime drink to have a dry night and so now opts for nappy and bedtime drink -- that willl change, as it did with my now 6 year old.

if she is having dry nights, then i wouldn't force the issue, but let her know how clever she is having dry nights and what a big girl she is and that she doesn't need nappies cos she's a big girl.

if she is not having dry nights, again, i wouldn't force the issue... wait for her to ask to stop nappies, and maybe let her overhear (deliberately generated if necessary) a conversation with you and another mum whose kid has stopped wearing nappies and make positive comments about that. you can even praise the relevant child while your child is listening. peer pressure works wonders.

other than that if you plan to stop nappies when she is not having dry nights, you should probably wake her (we did it at 11pm with my oldest child) and take her to the loo, so that she gets used to waking and going to the loo. we did this with my oldest (who is now 6) until she started waking of her own accord (just after she turned 5) and now sleeps through the night.

remember it is NOT a competition, it doesn't matter what AGE they achieve night dryness --- some kids of 7 and even 10 are still battling to have dry nights -- it's not psychological, it's not to do with something being wrong with them, just some children's bladders develop more slowly than others and some children sleep so deeply they don't wake up.

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