bedtime temper tantrums

Chrissy - posted on 06/03/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is 19 months old and always went in to bed with no problems. once in a while a 2-5 min cry, but that was it. he is getting 6 teeth, so i know he probably wants to comforted, but he is screaming when we put him in now. we have let him scream for about 10-15 mins (which seems like hours). its like blood curdeling screams. during the day and at night. we have tried milk, rocking him, laying on the floor next to his crib. the only thing that calms him down is to pick him aup and let him lay on us. i don't want another child with that bad habit. any suggestions?


Marie - posted on 06/04/2009




my child is the same age and when she is teething she has a bit of a tantrum otherwise she is extremely good (i feel very lucky for this). i have found that if i get her envolved in bedtime it makes her teething nights easier. she has her milk on the sofa then we carry her to her bedroom, where she turns on her cd of nursery ryhmes/stories/music (she really likes going to sleep to the corrs) she chooses the cd. then we help her to get tucked in (she is in a low bed) she snuggles up with her fav scooby doo and i sit with her until she shows signs she is nodding of which is when i start to make a very slow move out of her room. if she crys i slowly go and sit next to her without making a noise like i never left and carry on like this until i get out with no problem. this works for us but maybe you could use bits of it you never know what works til you try it. good luck

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