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My name is Rhonda. My son , Spencer was born 10-20-07. He is very independent. He loves playing with his cars and watching Elmo. He refuses to keep his diaper on. At bedtime and even nap time , when I put him down he always takes it off. I put pj's on him as well. First comes the pants , then the diaper. Anyone else have this problem , if so , what did you do?


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Good luck! Cheyanne (10/15/07) is always naked! She will rip off her clothes and diaper at any chance possible. She stopped taking them off during the night or when waking (thank goodness). However, during the day its at least 5-15 times a day, and yes poop and all! If I'm not in the rooms she will come get me to say "Ta Da,come see"!

The good news is if it's happening after he potty's in his diaper, thats a good sign potty training is close. When my son (who will be 4 in feb) did this it was less severe, but it started with telling us he had "pee pee" or "poop" in his diaper, next was the dreaded self removal, and finally telling us he needed to go potty!

Cheyanne has been asking to go potty since she was 15 months old, hopefully we are almost there because I agree, the naked 2 yr old running around the house is getting old, messy, and frustrating!

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My daughter dont do it then, but she will take hers off any other time. I am lost on what to do to. I have tryed putting clothes on her, she will go take off her clothes then the diaper. I havent figured out what to do either. So if u get any ideas let me know. Thanks

Tiana - posted on 08/31/2009




Noah does not like to keep his diaper on either... in fact we began potty trainning at 19 months because he does not like to keep his bottoms on... Now he does not take them off at night though

Sheila - posted on 08/28/2009




Zoe likes to run round with no nappy especially when it's hot. I use this opportunity to try and get her on the potty but I have plenty of kitchen roll and anti-bacterial spray at the ready! Sx

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