How do you handle a for year old with a lower level of common sense?

Brandi - posted on 11/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My four year old daughter gets into things constantly no matter how high up I put it or what kind of safety lock I use she with get it. She targets things that will hurt her like medicine, nail clippers, chemicals, ect.. She had seen two therapists and psychiatrist and had an iq test don't to check for learning disabilities but found out she is a great problem solver but lacks common sense and could possibly be dyslexic in the future, but no one can help me with how to handle what is going on now and how to keep my daughter safe. Please give me some advise.


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Jane - posted on 04/19/2012




you should have you daughter checked for ADD/ADHD it sounds like what you have described they can come across as having no common sense because they are implusive it doesnt dawn on them the consquences of their own actions. Doesnt mean they are stupid just no attention span. Dyslexic and other conditions can also be present with this you need to speak to someone who is experienced with it to diagnose because it can be missed.Im not a spcialist just my kids got diagnosed after yrs of being told they were just bold and acting out.

Katherine - posted on 04/14/2012




Does your daughter have any speech problems? Does she comprehend instructions? What does she do with the things that she can access? I think you need to at least sort out whether it's a cognitive or psychological problem first.

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