How do you keep your little one occupied, especially for Mom's with only one little one at home

Stacy - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Has anyone found a toy/puzzle, etc. that can hold your 23 month olds attention for at least 20 minutes? Autumn is a busy bee and is the only little one at home, so I feel like I am constantly trying to entertain her. I am looking for any suggestions.




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Okay, this is going to sound horrible, but I've tried everything else!

My daughter LOVES movies! Her favorite is Tinkerbell, but she also like Finding Nemo and all the Barbie movies (her current favorite is Barbie and the Diamond Castle - lot of singing!). She'll sit and watch any of those movies all the way through, totally entranced the whole time. She loves the colors and the singing (she'll get up and dance too!) and she loves the characters. She also really likes T.V. shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she's 23 months old and can count to 5 - oh Toodles!), Special Agent Oso (she is constantly telling me "I love Oso!"), Spongebob (OMG she LOVES "BobBob!"), Dora the Explorer (Boots is her favorite), Handy Manny, Go Diego Go (every time this one comes on she says "Oh no, Mommy! Save animal!") and the Imagination Movers (they sing and dance a lot).

I always said I would not be a mom who lets her child sit and watch T.V. or movies to keep them busy, but she really loves them and the movies teach her a lot (she wanders around the house singing the songs sometimes!). She'll play with her blocks for about 20-30 minutes, she'll color for a while and she'll drag her little doggy toy around the house with her all day long (along with her blankie!), but the movies are what really capture her attention.

Erika - posted on 10/07/2009




I've wondered the same thing! I only have one at the moment too (one on the way) and I feel like I'm his clown/entertainment all day. LOL

He has a cheap little kitchen set (about 50 bucks at walmart) and he can play with that for more than 20 mins. It comes with little dishes, so he pretends he's cooking. lol

One thing that is super relaxing for me, lol, is laying on the floor with him and letting him drive his cars or trucks on my legs or back. LOL. He thinks it's fun, and I get a free massage! )

Amber - posted on 10/05/2009




My daughter loves stickers and I let her put them where ever she wants(they are easy to clean up), it keeps her attention more than colouring or anything else.

Christine - posted on 10/05/2009




Set up a schedule and try to have it be the same for most days, I find that just opening a toy box and letting my son have at it for 20 minutes is helpful. I also play music while is free time so he knows Mommie is busy.

Andrea - posted on 10/03/2009




My soon to be 2yr. old also is a busy bee but, I have found that he loves Mega Blocks. They are awesome for us, we have a tote of full of them and they get put to good use. Have you ever been to a playgoup? We have a place called Play World, and it is geared for kids under 5, I try to go once a week and get lots of energy out and we also work on his playing and sharing skills while were

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