i think my child is special,

Michelle - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




hi all. my son turned 3 in october and i think he is a little special, (i know im biased lol) at 3 he can count to 100, he can recognise the all the numbers,(when we go walking he knows the numbers on the letter boxes or in books), he also can sing the alphabet, knows all the letters by looking at them. he also can write all the letters of the alphabet and all his numbers. i am starting to get a little anxious because being born later in the year he starts school a year later and dont know how he'll go at school knowing this much already. his communication is lacking a bit too. he can talk but you cant have a proper conversation like the other kids i know his age and dosent seem to always know what im talking about. just wondering if anyone knows where i can go to get some help. thank you


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The verbal communication could be a problem but just keep working with him on it and he will be fine. If not you could always see a speech therapist in another year or two.
As for being advanced you will need to do one of two things. Private school him where he will be put in a class according to his intellect, or home school. We have 4 girls and the 3 youngest are all advanced to. We put one in public school and she never learned anything. I now have a 4 yr old doing 1st grade work. yes really. My 3 yr old is doing kindergarten work. See the problem? lol We can't afford private school so we have chosen to home school them. They girls love it and they still have lots of friends and social time. We also get to spend a lot of time with them and so we treasure our date nights more. :)

good luck.

Jacqui - posted on 03/01/2011




i think its all to do with parents. children are like sponges at this age. My 2 and a half year old loves learning. He knows all his colours, numbers some of the alphabet and can read quite a few words. But if you understand how they learn you will see whats going on.

They tend to work on some things but not all things. So if your child is really good at certain things he will almost definately be llacking in other areas. There is so much for them to soak up they do tend to concentrate on a few things at a time. This is why its important not to compare as depending on what the parent is focusing on (sometimes unknowingly) the child will develop quicker in that area.

So important thing is to try keep it balanced. He has obviously mastered numbers and letters well beyond what is necessary at his age so lay off it a bit but still encourage him when he does well but concentrat on other things he is not so good at.

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so did you actually try to teach him to count to 100 or did he some how pick it up on his own? I love teaching my daughter new things and we have a special time everyday to do so.

I do think my daughter is smart but if a child at this age doesn't know their ABC's or how to count I really think it has more to do with the parents than anything else.

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I don't want to worry you ot have you NOT get him tested just to be on the safe side. However, he sounds fine & just shy. You can always try to put him in a play group, take him where other kids his age are so he can play, interact with him. (if he has problems with that or doesn't show signs THEN I would have him tested.)
As for "special". We all think our kids are special in some way or another. As for knowing the basics...Yeah. They teach those in a levels of preschool & kindergarten! lol I would suggest that if your child can do better than preschool work then get them in private school or homeschool them. Once they go into public school they will HAVE to regress so that the kids that don't know the basics at age 5 or 6 can catch up. (yes there are kids out there at that age that don't know the basics. sorry to say)

good luck & congrats on having a slightly advanced but normal child!

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I don't want to worry you, but it might be worth consulting a health professional about this. I had a nephew with similar abilities at this age but poor communication skills, and it turned out he has Asperger's Syndrome. He is now 12 and doing well, partly due to the support he got at school, so it's really worth getting an early diagnosis. Of course, this may be completely irrelevant to you, and your son may just be exceptionally gifted - either way, he probably needs some kind of extra support. Good luck!

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When my daughter started preschool in August I was always asking her teacher how she was doing and was told great, she know her abc's, numbers, shapes and colors (inside I was like Duh, who do you think thought her them). I had just assumed that all 2 year olds knew this stuff, but I guess I was wrong. So I, too, feel my daughter is special. She counts to 30 forward and backward. Does basic adding. Can do her abc's backwards. She holds a conversation pretty well and I am shocked sometimes at all the things she knows. Though I would like to take most of the credit I think that being in preschool has helped her alot. If preschool is not an option for you right now, maybe going to a story time at your library would help him interact more with kids his age.
Also, in my area I know there are places that offer free developemental screenings. Good luck.

Kelly - posted on 11/23/2010




My son was 3 in Oct too. He can count but only to 21, he counts backwards too and knows basic adding. If hes got several of say sweets, he can count them an know how many he has. He also recognises all the numbers he knows.
He doesnt know all the alphabet yet tho.
Has he started nursery yet??
My son starts in Jan, and they were impressed he knew his numbers. A lil girl on my street speaks brill and is 4 but she can only count to 5!!
Like ur son, my son has only been talking about 2 and a half months, and doesnt hold a proper conversation yet, but he is coming on fast with his words now.
Yes I think he is very bright, and maybe u should speak to his nursery about this if he is starting!!

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