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Sippy Cup

Phoebe - posted on 07/29/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter started using the sippy cup around 1 yr and a half after weaning her off the bottle. Now she still uses her cup as a replacement especially before bed. She always wants her "MILK!!!" How should i wean her off?? Any suggestions?


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Kelly - posted on 08/09/2010




My son is in the same boat as your daughter. I let him use a sippy only before bed to have HIS milk. During the day he is only allowed to drink from a cup. At daycare he uses a cup with a straw. I don't think the child will take themself off of it. I think you have to encourage the cup. I am going to stop giving him it in the night. He will survive. Sometimes quitting cold turkey is the best. Plus I feel the sippy is not good for their teeth. I like Amber's response. Use the cup they like without the lid. That works for me too. Good Luck!

Christina - posted on 08/06/2010




I think when they are ready to stop using it themselves they will. My oldest daughter was still on the bottle at 2 yrs old. After I had my second daughter I guess she wanted to be like her sissy. Finally after a couple of months she told me that she didn't want it anymore that she wanted a sippy cup. So now I am just waiting for her to tell me that she doesn't want that anymore.

Alida - posted on 08/04/2010




I am still struggling to wean my son off his sippy cup when its bed time so i tried making his tea stronger and it worked for a couple of nights until got to clever and added more sugar himself. i think when the time is right they will stop using the sippy cup them selfs at sleep time.

Amber - posted on 08/02/2010




Well if she always wants her milk, give it to her in a cup with no lid. I just went from sippy cup to no lid sippy cup just so my daughter could still have her cups she loved. Worked for us.

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