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I'm a stay at home mom and my two year old is always at home with me. During the day she just watches t.v. all day, and stays up late. I just want some advice on putting her on a schedule, getting her to bed at the same time as my eight year old, and some learning activities for her age group instead of her watching t.v. all the time.


Jade - posted on 02/01/2010




My two year old had a great routine as I was very strict about it but when my 10 month old was born it dropped a little. I agree with Sheila, the less your little one sleeps in the day the more they will sleep at night. And I sing loads of nursery ryhmes and action songs, my daughter has a chalk board/paper board easel that she loves to draw on and we draw together too. Try taking an hour or so out each day and turn the tv off. Then spend the time doing other thing, start with songs that have actions and get up and do them together, with any luck she'll start asking for the songs or asking to draw. Also take her out to the park and find a nice bench to sit and start pointing things out and asking/telling her what they are and describing what is going on.

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Hi Laquita. I play with lots of letters with Zoe and make words, we also do some simple Maths. I'm teaching her how to play the piano but she loves singing, action sons are great for kids this age. We quite often dance to music.

Zoe would settle earlier once she dropped her nap, if she slept in the day she was very late going down. Does your little one still have a nap?? Maybe wake her up a little earlier depending on how long she's sleeping.

Have you got any local activities you could take her to??? Sx


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everything is a learning activity. turn the television off and keep it off. sing songs, read books, let your 2 year old look at them by themselves, let them color, play games, play with play doh, ride bikes, play in the dirt, draw lines, shapes, work on color identifications, alphabet, numbers, shapes, anything and everything can be turned into a learning situation. Even cleaning.

Alisha - posted on 03/21/2010




hmmmm. . . there are so man things to do. . even with no money! go for walks and talk about what you see. Play i spy, it will help with objext names and colors. make home made playdough, crafts of all sorts. for crafts just keep things instead of throwin them out ?(tp rolls, bottles, newspaper, containers. . etc ) and build with those. Sign abc's, count, dance around. . etc. If he likes tv and what not be apart of the tv. .talk about whats going nd what not. do acts that thy are doing. the best thing that kids love is when you can let loose and just go crazy with thm. . not caring if anyone sees you. good luck

Jackie - posted on 03/21/2010




Hello Laquita, my son is the same way,so we go him alot of educational toys to py with and his favorite is a labtop thats teaches him ABC's and 123's..and there are $20 at a wal-mart..he repeats what the labtops says..he loves it..

He also goes to bed late, so we try to keep him going almost all day with different activities, and it works for us. bed at 9 and up my

Mec - posted on 03/20/2010




Do put her on a schedule.

Limit TV. At least, designate time for it.

And provide her with toys and activities she can do.

However, two year olds like it better when Mommy plays with them. Since you're a SAHM, manage your schedule so you actually spend time WITH her, learning andplaying and bonding and teaching values, rather than just being at home preparing meals and cooking.

Holly - posted on 03/14/2010




My 2 yr old is very scheduled but i think some kids just are. He takes a 2 -3hr nap during the day and is in bed by 8 everynight. he doesnt go to sleep right away but will sing himslef to sleep. I have tried shortening his naps so he will sleep in later (hes up at 7) but i have found the naps help him sleep better. its very odd if he naps 3 hrs he will sleep maybe an hr later in the am.
he really likes to be outside and we go on scavenger hunts. i will draw pitures of what we are looking for (ex:stick, rock, yellow leaf, ant....) we carry a bucket and he collects all our things. it helps keep him focused. He also enjoys telling stories we sit together and i start a story and he adds to it like the colors, animals, noises. hes a very busy boy so i have him help me around the house it may make my job harder but keeps him entertained like rinsing the dishes, putting clothes away, dusting granted he cant do them very well but he like being a "big" boy and helping mommy.

Olga - posted on 02/25/2010




I have a question, maybe some of you may know where i can download some action songs for kids. I know tons but in Russian. Thank you )

Olga - posted on 02/25/2010




100 Words at 2 years old. That is really cool. Respect to you. We just started rearing a little but i'm glad Yuma catches everything fast))) With your progress at 4 she can go the 1st grade :)

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I babysit my 2 year old grandson Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm in my son's house. They turned their dinning room into a classroom/playroom. Our day is very structured...we start out with reading & phonics for 1 hour...he reads over 100 words. Then we take a 1/2 hour break to watch the cartoon "Super Why" because it really helps his reading skills. Then we work with numbers...he counts to 30 and does simple math. We then move on to music skills and exercises...the "Barney" show is good for this. He gets lunch when he gets up from his nap @ 4pm...while he is eating he watches the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD's...he loves these DVD's and begs to watch them. My son & daughter-n-law thought I was just going to sit around watching TV when they asked me to babysit him...they were shocked when they saw how much I was teaching him. This week I started teaching him how to call 911 in an emergency. Laquita get busy and start preparing your baby for school.

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I also have an 8 y/o and a 2y/o! My 2 y/o stays out of trouble as long as there is tv on! But as soon as I turn off the tv he is in so much stuff I can't keep up with him!! I am going to sign us up for mom and tot class in a neighboring gym to get him social and also for me to get to know ppl. I'm fairly new here and know no one! Anyway my schedule for my 2 y/o is as soon as he gets up in the morning or after nap he has to go to the potty, then we get out of our pj's (sometimes) then we go make breakfast, eat and have a cuppy. Then we play untill he says "einsteins". That just means he got tired of mommy and wants to do his own thing. Like watch tv! I let him watch a few cartoons at a time then I turn it off to get him to play, weather it's rolling the ball to each other or building and knocking down blocks! Or playing with his Tag Jr. He loves that thing! Then we usually have a small snack before lunch, then lunch then an hour after that i make him take a nap (this is bc he gets up at 7 or 8 and by 2 he is CRANKY! So yeah naptime! Then after nap usually big brother is home from school and then i help him with homework and then i give both a snack and then I figure out dinner. By 8pm i have both bathed and ready for bed. If it is nice out I take him outside during the day to get him to run off energy! This is just some of what we do. Hope i've helped!

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hi i kinda have the same problem but im a little bit lucky as my 2 yr old is very active althought he watches t.v a lot he also plays with his cars and football he also loves it when we do play doh and drawin but i would not stop my little boy from watchin the tv as he is learning so much from the tv, he sings along counts knowin colours he no's near enough ever word and says them all i n think thats down to the tv partly, but as he is so active sometimes he is running around til late, he does not have colours in his food or drink, what i do think thats helps him though is not letting he have a nap after 3pm giving him a bath around 5 or 6 then let his eat dinner turn the light down when he is finished turn the tv to something boring and reading a book or sit on the sofa and play with one toy, that usually helps with the sleeping with my little boy, but they are 2 they will try to push it thats what kids do, and some more that others settle down and like to sleep while others fight it, and its hard sometimes, good luck hun. xxx

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