Wont stop playing with her hair.

Belinda - posted on 04/21/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My two year sucks her left thumb and with her right hand twist hair. The right side of her hair is alot thinner then the left side. How can I get her to stop twisting her hair? Thanks


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You can't. lol I have the same problem and they will stop when they want to. We get onto her every time we see her "hands in her face" and have done so for over a year. She still hasn't stopped and I can only hope that she will before she turns 5.

Jayme - posted on 05/01/2010




put it up or u can tell her its gonna fall out butt thats something thats hard to stop butt if u get her to stop suckin her thumb shell stop with her hair

Tracey - posted on 04/30/2010




My son does the same thing with my hair. It's usually when he's tired or if we're quietly sitting doing something. He was breastfed and nursed for over a year and started the hair thing when he stopped nursing. He even does it to his older brother sometimes who has longer hair than I would like. It's definately just a comfort thing for them and I am sure they will grow out of it like anything else. Can't offer any help for the thin hair though I have the same problem as Jennifer knots in my hair all the time lol.

Jennifer - posted on 04/28/2010




I don't know what to tell you but wanted to give my support anyway as my son does this to MY hair and I have come away with some nasty knots! I have tried to encourage blankies, and stuffed animals but nothing works. Maybe just takes time.

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