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Both my husband and I are somewhat overweight as adults. As a child I was not but my husband was bit on the heavy side. So we have been concerned over my daughters weight (of course not to her). She was always on the charts through her first year (95%) But now she is WAY off for both height and weight for a child of her age. According to the charts she is the same height as an average 4-5 year old and she is only 2 and half. Do we go by the weight listed for the 4-5 year old as an average? I want to raise a healthy child with a healthy body image. She is very physically active and loves playing with other kids so I am not worried about her getting enough activitiy. I know I am going to get those people who will scold me for thinking about it too much and shes a kid and she should just be having fun. To those people I say she is. She is as happy as they come and the concern is only discussed in private.


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Jacklyn - posted on 05/21/2011




My daughter is in exactly the same boat! The doctor always says to go by her height and if we do she's doing well within the range of health. My daughter is 38 1/2 inches tall and 35 lbs. Since she was born she has always worn clothes for children twice her age. She is now in 4t and up clothes and it isn't because she is overweight. She's always been like that. I am overweight and I do worry about her having the same problem, but she eats healthy foods and gets exercise so as long as her doctor is as happy as we are, I am not going to worry too much. It's good to know that you have similar concerns, especially since our daughters are so close in age.

Jennifer - posted on 05/19/2011




Im not sure what to tell you I have a 2 1/2 yr old thats short for his age and his weight is in the 91percent tile.. Hes also very happy and active he hardly eats candy he"ll pick fruit over anything. Let her be her I'd ask the doctors when u take her for a check up

Karli - posted on 05/16/2011




Hello, You have a valid concern, My daughter turned 2 in Feb and I worry a little if I'm making them the right foods and if they get too many "treats" and it will catch up with them later in their lives. She is about 28lbs and she is just shy of 3' feet tall. My kids have an extreme amount of energy so, like you, my kids get tons of exercise but I worry that they can be picky eaters sometimes and if we get busy we cave a little and they get McDonald's or chips as a snack. I get angry at myself for doing it and I wish that I was a better more creative cook:)

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