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Ines - posted on 05/08/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I just want to know how other babies process their intake (how often, how much, consistency, etc).

Ok, so my baby started to poop A LOT since solid food(about a month ago). Before that, he barely pooped and can go for a couple days without since he was on breastmilk. After we started him on solid, his poop changed consistency (pasty). Color can varied depending on what he eats that day. Last week though, he started to poop about 5 times a day and it was mostly diarrhea. He had sever diaper rash because of that. I realized after a few days that it was because we began giving him formula as supplement. We changed him to soy formula a few days ago, and the diarrhea subsided. He still poops a lot... and i do wonder if that's ok. Yesterday was the first time he only pooped twice. But i think it's because he didn't eat very much. He was less fussy than usual, so it got me thinking that perhaps i had been feeding him too much solid.

How about your baby(ies)???


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Nicola - posted on 05/19/2009




Since I introduced solids it was one per day per solid. So a 2 months ago she was on 3 solids a day, 3 poops. and she eats the food I make for her so it looks like what she ate, i can see pumkin, and blue berries make it black, a word of warning! its all fine. if hes on solids and not pooping its not a good sign, it means its getting blacked up so ur fine!

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My daughter was on soy until about a month and a half ago. Did you try the lactose free formula before trying soy? There have been some studies lately about soy formula that gave me pause so I made the switch. Also, keep in mind that several of the cereals may have milk in them so if lactose is the issue, he's still getting some.

My daughter who is fed 3 times a day has 1 bowel movement a day unless I give her some raw fruit in her mesh feeder and then she'll go twice. It's like clay and it's sticky!!

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My lil man has a very regular 1-2 poop a day schedule. Everyday at 11am he will lay on the floor and let it go... if it's a "big poop" that will be that until the next day @ 11am... if it's a "lil poop" he will have another "lil poop" again between 5-6pm. He eats formula, rice cereal, fruit and veggies, is VERY active and has a pretty regular sleeping pattern as well.

Jennifer - posted on 05/08/2009




Yup DD poops at three times a day now verses every 2-3 days when she was EBF. She still nurses a lot on top of eating solids.

Ashlee - posted on 05/08/2009




agreed! when my son was on breast milk only he would go 5-7 days with only 1 poop. His pediatrician said this was normal as long as the baby seemed comfortable. Since the introduction of solids he now goes everyday and yea his poop looks like whatever he ate. I started giving him 1 formula bottle day but OH MY what stink and that increases his Bm to usually 2 a day. We go for a check up early next week we'll see what the doctor says I am guessing he'll want me to supplement even more than 1 bottle.

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Yep, same here. His poops are pasty and food colored, about 3x/day compared to once a day with EBF. Probably because solids aren't as absorbed as BM.

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