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Kourtnie - posted on 10/12/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son Max has been an ok eater since he started solids. Now, though since he is eating what we eat, he has become a bit finicky. Today for instance we had baked chicken breast, cooked baby carrots and rice for dinner. He ate a few carrots and a couple pieces of chicken, and than refused to eat anything else until I gave him a piece of cheese.

The foods he will eat readily are:




and pretty much any Gerber snack

anything else he tries a bit but after a bit or two, he refuses anymore. Does anyone have any tips on how I can get him to eat more of the foods I offer??


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April - posted on 11/16/2009




my son is also is a very picky eater and will also only eat yogurt, cheese ,cheerios gerber cereal bars and the snacks and a few 12 month jar foods without a fight but everything else is a struggle. but lately ive been trying really hard to make mealtimes very positive and fun for him. I let him feed me what were eating from my plate with his baby spoon ,he really enjoys this... he watches me eat and then i put food in his mouth and he copies me eating . oh and i also pretend to eat his hand and he laughs like crazy and opens his mouth so i sneak food in and he eats it. lol So far its the only ways i can actually get him to eat more varieties. when i try self feeding he will only eat maybe 3 to 4 pieces at the most and throw the rest on the floor or he would just clamp his mouth shut. so ya this is what I do .hope this helps. :) hopefully more people leave helpful ideas :)

Autumn - posted on 10/13/2009




hi kourtnie i have 3 kids and have went through this with all of them the first thing to remember is to never give n when he sees that all he has to do is through a fit and he will get what he wants that is what he will do everyday. second try and make eating time for fun have an encouriging snack for after he eats kinda like a desert . it doesnt have to be sweet it can be nething he likes. u can also try makeing like a game to see who can get done first my daughters love that. u can also try including something u know he likes into the meal even if its only a little. but please remember to encourage rather then discourage apraise good eating habbits rather then worrying about the bad eating. my pediatrician always said the kids will not starve if they miss one meal if there hungry they will eat. i hope ne of these suggestions helps u good luck!

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