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Dena - posted on 08/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay so I'm looking for just ADVICE; don't want any negative remarks.

The ONLY way without doing the CIO method that we could get our daughter to sleep was rock her to sleep while drinking a bottle. Well she is 2 months away from turning 1 year old and I would like some advice from anyone else who's resorted to doing this to keep the peace. She doesn't care for the bottle until its time for her to sleep so I am guessing she is using it as security or something. She has NEVER used a paci or wanted one. I don't so much mind the rocking it just I know I eventually will need to break it but want to start trying to wean her from the bottle in the next few weeks.

Any suggestions or feedback from anyone who's been there done that would be so very welcome! Thanks in advance!


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Christy - posted on 09/07/2009




I haven't had this issue, but one son wouldn't give up his OVERNIGHT bottle easily so I did as the DR suggested and diluted it (6oz of H2O and 2 scoops less scoop than recommended in instructions), did that for a week or so, then decreased the volume while keeping the dilution the same ratio (4 oz of H2O and 1 scoop of formula)...he wasn't interested in an OVERNIGHT bottle by the middle of the 2nd far as getting negative comments on rocking your baby to sleep...I say to all of the 'Mothers' who are all about teaching the baby to do for themsleves at this early age...GET A GRIP, you had a baby knowing they need YOUR CARE, LOVE, TEACHINGS, ATTENTION, AND SUPPORT AND LOT'S AND LOT'S OF OTHER THINGS!!! I rock my son to sleep because he LOVES IT and he FEELS SAFE and SECURE going to sleep in a dark room with some company...we don't have to rock, we could just sit and talk, but I chose to rock most of the time...I realize I may have to rock my son for a few years, but I don't see any teenagers sitting in thier mother's laps at night!!! I love the bonding experience it gives us and I know that he feels safe at night. He will go to bed on his own at nap time and sometimes at night when he doesn't feel like being rocked or 'hung-out-with'...You are a parent, act like one...parent! Being with my son is more important than ANYTHING on my 'To-Do' list or any TV show or checking ANY e-mail!!! To all the mothers' out there who chose (for whatever reason) to rock thier babies to sleep---Good for you!!! You can help them establish sleeping on thier own at THIER pace, not YOURS...Letting a helpless baby to 'cry-it-out' is SENSELESS and wouldn't want someone to make you lay in your bed if you needed help when you were scared or needed something when your only form of verbal communication is crying would you?

Anna - posted on 08/25/2009




I've been having this problem too. My daughter will be 1 on Oct 16th and she only wants a bottle when she gets sleepy. She drinks formula, milk, water and juice all from a sippi cup with no problem. I do hold or rock her until she goes to sleep but I can't stand to put her in the bed crying. I will be interested also to see what people suggest! Thanks for your post!

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