CHEAP birthday party ideas... CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!

Kim - posted on 08/23/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband and I are both unemployed, but I still want to have a nice party for my son (turning 2 Oct. 8). We can't really afford much and we had a pot-luck style party last year, but it still cost us more than we could afford... Who has ideas for a nice b-day party CHEAP CHEAP??

He loves the outdoors, fish, Thomas, Sesame Street (we did an outdoorsy/fish theme last year "Max caught the big ONE")

I'm kind of crafty, so I can make some decor or something.... I just don't know... Help! : )


Larissa - posted on 08/25/2010




I'm not spending much on my sons party I dont see the point. Don't know where you live or what the climate is there in october but we are having his at a local park that has a nice playground and pavillion that is free :) I figured the kids will have a blast playing for decorations we are do a jungle theme and buying the zoo pals plates (only 3.99 for 20) can get um at walmart then just primary color decorations from the dollar tree where everything is $1. Fodd will prob just be pizza every kid likes pizza lol and lots of places have them for $5 each some chips pop home made cake and thats it might be $50 at the most you wouldnt really have to have the food either lots of parties I've been to just have cake. oh ya and homemade invitations just print one and officemax or wherever will copy them for like 10 cent each. Lots of websites you can find to create them

Maria - posted on 08/23/2010




Hi, well for party food if you could get some plastic cup from $2 shop and but some jellys and make traffic lights, just do one jelly at a time and when it sets add the next layer, fairy bread is not just for girls boys love it to, maybe you could start practing now and do face painting, pass the pacel, a treasure hunt, none of which need to cost much, kids love anything that is fun. I know my 2 like popping ballons, maybe you could put a treat (lolly) or little toy in a balloon and the have to some how pop them to get whats inside. Me and my partner stayed up late before our daughters birthday and filled the lounge with balloons. You could let him dress up for the whole day. Maybe if its nice weather you could have a birthday party picnic and then set up a little obstacle course with things to climb over and under and through. Another idea, you could make it like a camping trip at home, borrow a tent and set it up when he goes to bed if you think he would like that. Another food idea, is screwers with fruit and marshmellows. For decorations you could just get paper and cut for pictures for the theme you choose. If you need more Ideas on crafty things, pop into a local daycare and ask if they have some sheets with different things to make, like play dough, gloop, you could do water play with lots of different coloured water, just need food colouring. Make a special bath for him, i do it all the time, just by adding bubbles and a different colour to the bath just makes bath time more fun and if you haven't done it before that could be a birthday surprise. Hope these help, if I think of more I will post more =)


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Tiffany - posted on 08/24/2010




Ok. so last year I had like NO money for our daughter's 1st bday (2 days before you sons)
First of all - Dollarama is my best freind (dont know what country you live in, but its basically a store where everything is either $1 or $2 and they have a TON of party stuff)
we just bought some cute plates, a bag of balloons, cups and a table cover that said 'happy birthday' on it. I think I spent about $20 there.
We filled the balloons (about 20 of them) with Helium and tied them to weights (that was about $15).
We went to the store and bought chips, pop and some veggies and beef and made sishkabobs on the BBQ (about $40) and that was it! I think in total we spent about $80? And we just had it at home, to save cost of renting a place out.
-Dont over-do the decorations. A few larger ones is better than a ton of small ones
-Cook the food at home yourselves, or do a potluck like last year
-dont do a themed party, they tend to cost more
-borrow what you dont want to buy

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