Having trouble feeding my very picky eater!!!

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My Son is almost 17 months, he use to eat anything and everything until he was about 13 months old. Now he seems to only want to eat snack foods(crackers, cereal bars, gerbers lil' cruchies etc...), yogurt, rice, bread and a few types of fruit. He absolutely won't drink milk, and doesn't want formula anymore. I am worried if he is getting enough to eat each day. Any suggestions?


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Erica - posted on 03/08/2010




We're all in the same boat!
I've noticed that Charlie gets really picky when he's teething.
Sometimes it's how food is presented to him. He won't eat his food in a bowl, it has to be placed in front of him in his highchair so he can pick at it and feed himself.
Have you tried giving him little cubes of cheese? I mix applesauce into everything when he's picky; apple sauce will be the only thing he'll have sometimes. I make finger foods for him like homemade chicken and apple fingers. One of his favorite snacks is peas so try that too. Broccoli is really good for calcium too, and it's another great finger food.
Come by my blog, I have recipes that might help :)

Corinne - posted on 03/07/2010




my daughter is sooo hard to please when it comes to food! shes a big snacker (as am i)! since my hubby is deployed ive been very lazy about making dinner every night! there are toddler dinner trays you can look at in the baby food section? i always feed her fruit and veggies if she only wants snacks and if i know shes really hungry ill sit her down with left overs or what not and let her eat what she wants... youre best bet is to talk to your doctor about good things you can feed him and still keep up with all of the nutrition he needs! i dont suggest forcing foods down him (hell just learn to hate eating that way) just keeping the options there everyday! gl to you!!

Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2010




My son is in a snacking stage too, but he is still eating meals with us most of the time, unless he just doesn't like what we're having. We noticed a big change in his eating habits after we took him out of his high chair and into a booster, meal times were so stressful when he was in his booster, he wouldn't eat anything just throw food and make meals really hectic, but since we put him in a booster a month ago meal times are peaceful again. I don't know if your son is in a highchair or not, but I'd say that change made a hige difference for us. As far as milk goes, my son just started drinking it finally, but he wasn't for awhile and my ped. said not to worry so long as he was getting calcium through other foods, i.e. yogurt, cheese, etc. which he was and it sounds like your son is getting some through his snacks. Also I'd say since your son seems to be snacking healthily at least you sould be ok. Maybe limit snacking about an hour before meal times and see if that helps. Good luck! :)

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