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Hi my name is Jennie and I am a first time mom. He is our little miracle baby as we had lost several others before him. We are happy and just trying to figure out what is normal and when we are suppose to start him on foods and juices. He is breast fed and eats cereal thats it. Still is not sleeping through the night at all and has decided that cosleeping is the way to go


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Hi Jennie, congratulations on your beautiful little boy. I have a daughter she was born Oct. 6th, I am also a first time mom. I breastfed Ava, and I was told by my doctor she can have baby juice anytime, he recommended 1 oz of juice for every month they are ex: 6 months = 6 oz of juice per day. Ava is now eating mixed grain cereal with fruit in it or rice cereal mixed with apple juice for breakfast, and Mixed grain cereal mixed with formula, some baby vegetables and some baby fruit for dinner. We are getting ready to introduce vegetable for lunch now also. I just recently started putting Ava in her own room for naps, and the first part of the night, however she does not sleep through the night yet, and when she wakes up I can't get her back to sleep unless she is in her pack n play in our bedroom. Not to mention my baby likes to watch tv (we'll blame that on daddy) so when she does get up in the night for a feeding she enjoys laying with me watching Playhouse TV! Until she falls asleep. Ava is a very happy little baby, so I am happy. And because she is my one and only, she pretty much gets what she wants! My advice is to do what ever you think is right, as moms all we can do is what we think is best for our babies, and everything is trail and error, after all this is all new! I just know that I am having an awesome time being a mommy and learning with my daughter! Good Luck!

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