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I am also a mommy to Griffin my October 08 baby! Griff is my second child, he has a 2 year old sister Haylee. Mommy hood to me was a suprise, though I was 24 and married, it was still a surprise!! But the best surprise I could have ever asked for. My first child was very colic for the first 7 months of her life. Leading me to become a stay at home mommy. I decided to give up my dream job as a cosmetologist because I couldn't bare trusting someone else to take care of my colicy baby. It was hard at first, but I turned out to be the best decision ever. My dream is on temporary hold, but I am enjoying my 2 children immensly. My second child Griffin is an amazing little baby. He is the happiest little man ever. He is 6 months now and has conquered rolling over, sitting, and getting up on all fours. He is scooting here and there and is just about ready to take off crawling. Little stinker is determined to move!! As for me, I am looking forward to meeting new moms, receiving some good advice, and certainly attempting to share some! Mommy hood is hard and I am certainly up for any opinions that will make it that much easier!!!


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Hi Heather,

My sister had a little girl in January . She was 9 weeks early so she was in the hospital for a while after she was born. After they took her home, she would sometimes stop breathing. When they took her to the hopsital, they said she had bad acid reflex. Now she has started with the purple crying. This is her first child. Right now she is to the point where she isn't getting any sleep because the baby cries for so long without stopping. She gets to sleep about 4 hours a night and that is only because her husband watches the baby in the evening so she can sleep. I don't live near her. If I did, I would help her. I have three children myself but never had a colicy baby. I was just wondering if you have an advice I could pass along to my sister since you have had a colicy baby. Thanks Heather

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