how to let your baby sleep through a night


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Iris - posted on 12/03/2009




letting them cry os an option that can take a while, how about trying chamomille tea, it is safe and it relaxes them.

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well bunk or not.. lol.. it works, my boys 2 and 1 enjoy going to bed and sleep 11-12 hours a night also.. i guess they gave up on me lol.. sorry couldnt resist since i always get crap on here for how i let my kids learn how to self soothe and figure it out.. oh well... theyre happy and well rested and so am i. happy mom and kids here and they still love me

Nicole - posted on 12/02/2009




The No-Cry Sleep solution is a good read- it is gentle and has sections for co-sleepers and sections for baby who sleep separately. I have not used it yet because not sleeping through the night isn't a bother since I co-sleep, Phoebe is able to nurse on demand while I sleep. I know a ton of parents who have been very successful with it. I like it because it uses gentle, peaceful parenting techniques- I think CIO/Ferber? Ezzo methods are just plain abusive but that is a different thread entirely ;)

Stacey - posted on 12/01/2009




I finally tried a book called 'Save our sleep' by Tizzie Hall when i got desperate and it showed me how to get my babies to self settle and sleep through the night, i would recommend this book to anyone.

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I sleep trained my daughter when she was 7 months old. I would complete the bedtime routine then I stayed in the room with my daughter. For the first three nights I sat on a chair right next to her crib. I would use key phrases like "sleepy-time" and "night night". I would comfort her as necessary. Picking her up if necessary but always putting her down again well before she could get too comfortable in my arms. If she stood up, I would put her down but only 5-6 times. After that I let her stand for quite a well, then tried again. Eventually, she stayed down. Or I would pat the mattress. For the next three nights, I moved my chair to the middle of the room and did the same things. Then the three nights after that, I moved my chair to the door. This time no more picking up. Soothing key phrases, reassurance but not conversation. I had to do a few more nights at the door, but it worked. Yes, there was some crying since crying is the only way babies know how to protest. Was it difficult? Yes, sometimes but it got easier and easier. A few bumps in the road but overall I tried to be consistent. I never gave up and never left before she fell asleep. Some nights it took 90 minutes (rare--and usually the first hour she was just playing happily...she only got upset the last 30 minutes) and other nights it took ten minutes or less. It got faster and faster each night usually. I followed the method espoused by Dana Obleman from I have no connection to her, just used her book. I think it is excellent and highly recommend it. I also used the book: Bedtiming: the when-to guide to sleep training. It is written by two developmental psychologists who explain the best times and worst times to sleep train based on the child's age and emotional/cognitive development. It helped me choose the right time to do and be successful at it. My daughter went from being a very bad sleeper to a very good one. Hope that helps. Good luck.

User - posted on 12/01/2009




i actually had a major problem gettin my son to sleep through the night. in the end i let him cry it out. i know that some are for it and some are against it, but i went in to him after 2 mins, 4mins, 8 mins etc and never let him cry longer than 20mins and for the 1st night he cried for an hr and by the 3rd night he was asleep before i even had time to leave the room and he hardly ever wakes in the night now. i had the same problem with my daughter. she was in my room up until she turned 1 because she used to wake 8/9 times a night and i didnt want to put her in the same room as my son because she would just wake him up! in the end, i just put her in my sons room and left them to it. they sat and played for a while and then they both fell asleep and shes been sleeping through even since. i found that putting a few toys in her cot helped because she would just fall asleep playing with them (nothing noisy, just a few soft toys), but i think she stopped waking up because she couldnt see us (but she knew we wernt far away) so she didnt automatically want cuddles and attention. and i dont think that letting them cry it out has damaged my kids in any way, they are both happy. healthy, intelligent and confident kids. i think when people say 'cry it out' it implies that your lettin your kid cry for hours until they fall asleep, i think you have to go to your child every so often to let them know that you are still there! until a child is about 9months they dont have 'object permanence', so to a child, if they can not see it then it doesnt exist, so you need to reassure your child that you haven't disappeared off the face of the earth! hope this helps.

Lena - posted on 12/01/2009




For the sake of my marriage, my well being and in the end, the happiness of my precious children, I am quite glad that the twins can now sleep through the night. Multiple mid night wakings were a strain on the rest of us and affected our entire days. For my family, this is what worked for us.

By all means, if this seems "insensitive" then this suggestion is not for you but I do hope whatever you try works for you.

Mufida - posted on 12/01/2009




I'm still lookinf for a solution :s my baby's 13 months old and she still wakes up several times during the night. I REFUSE to make her cry it out..

Minnie - posted on 11/29/2009




You let them develop at their own pace rather than forcing them to cry themselves to sleep. The CIO method is plain insensitive to your child's physical and emotional needs.

Everyone learns to put himself back to sleep when he wakes during the night. I hardly think you're going to have to tend to him on his wedding night. It's complete bunk that children (especially those barely out of infancy) need to 'learn' to self-soothe.

Lena - posted on 11/29/2009




Let him/her cry. We are a week and a half into letting our twins cry when they wake in the middle of the night. So far it is working for us. We were waking 1 to 2 times a night per baby and feeding them each time.

About 10 days ago we started only giving them bottles before nap before bed and when they wake up for the day. It's sippy cups otherwise. At the same time we began to let them cry themselves back to sleep when they woke up before 5am. I don't know if we were lucky or what but now they sleep from 8PM to 7AM. Finally.

It took about 4 days until they got used to it and they still wake up but only cry for a minute or two before they are back asleep. I would recommend trying it but give it a few days before giving up. The longest we let them cry was almost an hour of off and on crying. It was tough.

Good luck.

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