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Shannon - posted on 02/13/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




so my 3 1/2 month old seems to be wanting to eat a lot more and a lot more often than normal and it's only been this past week. she screams after she finishes a 4 oz bottle so we end up either nursing her more or giving her a few more ounces. she's also waking up in themiddle of the night to be fed where she was sleeping 7-9 hours. any thoughts? how do you know how much is normal when it comes to feedings?


Andrea - posted on 02/13/2009




My son will be 4 months on Feb 23, he is eating 5 bottles a day about 8 ounces each. Give her a bigger bottle then usual and let her eat until she stops. As for the night feeding my son has started doing that to I am asking my doctor about starting him on cereal as soon as hes 4 months.


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Julie - posted on 02/16/2009




I am experiencing the same with my LO. He will be 4 months on the 18th. So far, I have just kept nursing him until he is satisfied. I'm not ready to start cereal myself (my other kids have not liked it this early). I know this growth spurt will not last long, then at six months I'll start cereal if he can not be satisfied with just breast milk.

Carolyn - posted on 02/16/2009




I agree probably a growth spurt. Also, you mentioned you're nursing, they occassionally will do that to up your supply, but it settles down again after a few days.

Stephanie - posted on 02/16/2009




umm.. my doctor told me that occasionally that happens it could be because they are going through a growth spurt!

Terri - posted on 02/16/2009




my 4 month old is take 46 oz a day and two table spoons of cereal in the evening. my son has slept thru the night from the first month and then waking about 2 weeks ago at 430 for a bottle - that is when i started the cereal. i did cereal in the morning a few days make sure there were no allergies or reactions then moved it to the evening. best wishes

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My baby has been having the same problem. It could be a growth spurt. I've been giving my baby rice cereal, oatmeal, and finally potatoes for the past two weeks. Last night she finally slept through until 7 am. We'll see what happens tonight.

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