Instead of terrible twos, terrible threes?

Ashley - posted on 11/15/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter started a little bit of the "terrible twos" exactly on her birthday. Like she felt grown up and she could be bad. But it wasn't terrible. Now that she is three (as of Oct. 23) she doesnt listen. Im so tired at the end of the day from trying to get her to listen to me. I do spank her butt and I feel that helps but I dont feel like I need to spank her butt all day, any one have any suggestions or going through the same thing? :/


Wendy - posted on 12/05/2011




LOL--what until she's 4! Honestly, I think their naughtiness level goes up for the first 4 years as they explore their bounderies. After about 4 1/2, they start to level off and start mellowing. :) My girls are 19 and almost 14 now. I didn't think they were going to make it through the 3-4 1/2 years. My 3 year old is autistic. He acts pretty typical as far as naughtiness.... LOL

DeAnne - posted on 11/15/2011




My son was an angel until 3. Now he's testing the waters. As when he was younger (1 and 2) I would re-direct him. So when he tells me no I change the subject for a min to something positive or fun and then go back to what ever it was that he was not wanting to do. Like bedtime.. pjs... When he says no.. I just go okay lets go read books first. We will go read then I will change him. Sometimes he crys sometimes not but he gets over it pretty quick with a fun little tickle fest. Or I put on a show he likes and while he watches it I change his clothes. Or I will say just because we are changing clothes doesnt mean we are going to bed yet. So what ever the situation is I try to change how I say it. ... I also try saying I'm sorry you dont like that I'm not letting you do.. xyz... but we can do this instead and it will be fun. Your choice.. be sad and no fun or have fun doing something else. If hes still mad then I just walk away and do something else and ignore him. If he gets real upset over it.... I threaten time out and sometimes he actually goes in time out which he hates. He's ultra sensitive so I'm lucky.. I dont have it that bad yet... If he does something bad I tell him why its not okay and why its bad in a calm voice and tell him I love him but what he did is still not okay. Usually works.. good luck..


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April - posted on 03/15/2012




Agreed! 3's are definitely worse! My little dude was an absolute angel until he turned 3, now he has the attitude of a 16 year old! Lol hoping 4's are better!

Claire - posted on 01/30/2012




My mom always told me it wasnt the terrible two's, its the F'n threes! LOL. And boy was she right. Not only do they know how to do everything, they know how to talk back and ignore you too!!!

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I too believe 3 is MUCH HARDER than 2's. My little guy has the scary tantrums that make me just want to go away. Good luck :-) And lets hope 4's are

Mandie - posted on 01/02/2012




My October baby had had the terrible 2's since she turned 1. But she also had older sisters to soak it all in from and mimics what they do. When she gets in trouble and a spank on the butt doesn't do anything I isolate her. I take a dining room chair and make her sit on it in the middle of the kitchen. Everything that can catch her attention is off or out of sight and she has to sit there for 3 minutes,sometimes 5 depending on what she did and how long it takes me to cool off(cause that girl can really push some buttons anymore). Once she realizes that I'm not playin around anymore,when she is ready to get up she says Sorry Mommy,and then goes and plays and behaves(not for the rest of the day most of the time but for a good chunk after she gets in trouble). Try doing this and see how it goes.

Dianne - posted on 12/11/2011




It's true! They say terrible twos, worse threes, F-ing fours!! Good luck and try not to spank too much...I agree with the other mom's tactic of diversion.

Corinne - posted on 11/18/2011




yes i was always told the 3s are worse than 2! My daughter definitely is worse now at 3! lol I know most of it is bc shes bored so, since its been rainy and wet and money has been a little tighter lately, ive been looking on pinterest and doing a lot of toddler crafts with her! She enjoys it and it saves us gas and money going places! i have a recipe to make homemade finger paints if you want it?

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