Is anyone else going through this?

Stephanie - posted on 04/29/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




i feel like an old lady at 24

Current mood:Hurting

I feel so old ! My hips always hurt . My Back always hurts. My legs hurt always hurt . My arms too .My everything hurts. Last night i could not sleep cause my legs and hips were hurting. Now today my right side wont stop . My body randomly just hurts . I cant do anything cause the next day or later that day i will be sorry and tylanol does not work .

I cant go to the doctor . What do i do ? I hate it ! Being in pain sucks. I feel the same way i did when i was prego (no i am not pregnant). Any advice out there!


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Stephanie - posted on 07/30/2009




did u get an epidural when u had the baby? i got one and i am so messed up afterwards, when they put it in my back they put it too far to the left. and now my left side is killing me. so what u need to do is get an xray. or a mri. thats the only way to tell if u messed up nerves or something

Sherree - posted on 06/30/2009




Um, ya, I've been going through that. Mind you, I'm 35. But I never felt like this before being pregnant. Tylenol has helped my legs stop aching and ibuprofin for my back. My friend says I have to tighten my core muscles before I lift things, like the baby. I get random sharp pains in my back. Often my feel feel all cramped up when I first stand up. My legs ache by the evening. My left wrist is sore like it has arthritis and I think it's from the way I lift my baby. I think the feet thing is from getting up in a hurry too many times at night. My back too - if I get up a lot and don't sleep well, my muscles tighten up. I've also found that my tendons aren't supple anymore - I was doing a strollercise program and found problems in places I never had problems stretching before. Like in my groin - I think it must be from giving birth.

Kaira - posted on 06/29/2009




Ohhh :-( , I know how you feel & am sorry you are having to deal with this. I have similar issues with pain through out my body as well esp in my lower back, hips and legs. I have found that a few different things trigger my pain. If I am up on my feet for an extended period of time, wearing high heels for too long, doing too much lifting ( even my 22 lb baby), not eating enough or even lying in bed for too long. I have noticed that all of these things tend to trigger the pain. And sometimes it seems to randomly come out of nowhere.
I have not not been to see a doctor about this as it is something I have been dealing with for many years (since high school). I just figured it was pain related to the wear and tear i put on my body from gymnastics and dance training.
As far as easing the annoying pain, try the following.These usually work for me.

-Since Tylenol doesn't work for you take Motrin (ibuprofen) instead
-Soak in a hot tub with relaxing aroma therapy bath salt
-Get someone to give you a good massage
-Get a good nights sleep
-Get out of bed in the morning even when you feel like crap & do some stretching and cardio.
-Make sure you take time to sit down and relax during the day if you can & you have to eat regularly and drink plenty of WATER. Trust me, this helps. You could even try replacing the soda or juice or coffee you drink during the day with water.

Well...I hope you find this helpful!

[deleted account]

Hi Stephanie. I have to agree with the people who have suggested depression as a possible cause. I went through depression issues after my first daughter was born and those symptoms lasted for almost a year post-partum. If your body is telling you that something is wrong, don't wait. Talk to your doctor. Don't feel like you can't or shouldn't. I denied that I had a problem for way too long and didn't get the help that I needed. Don't do that to yourself. I hope that you talk to your doctor and are able to resolve your symptoms. Keep us all posted. We will keep you in our thoughts!

Whitney - posted on 06/25/2009




I haven't had the pain that you have, but I have found I have gained so much energy since I've started working out regularly (six days a week). Also, do you drink diet coke or other diet drinks? Aspartame (the artificial sweetener in diet drinks) has been shown to contribute to neurological damage, possibly causing Fibromyalgia, which is what Sherree is talking about below. If you do drink diet drinks, I would go off the for a few days and see if the symptoms let up.

Deanna - posted on 06/24/2009




I started getting really bad joint pain after I had my son. It got to the point where every morning it hurt to get out of bed and I would cry. They tested me for Lupus (which I didn't have) and then sent me to an rheumatolgist. I might have rheumatoid arthritis. I'm on meds now. The hormonal changes of pregnancy can bring on or unmask certain illnesses. You should really go to a doctor and tell him your symptoms.

Lisamarie - posted on 06/24/2009




Hey girly! Well, I agree, it might be depression. Or it just might be tht you work a lot on your feet. Your body is different now that you have had Blake. My hips always hurt now..especially when they pop. I also have arthritus though, but after kids, many things chages. YOur hips spread, your uteris lowers (hence why we may pee when we laugh).. doctors say that each time you have a child, that it lowers and your blatter sits underneath so it puts more pressure to your bladder... Your back prolly hurts b/c yur boobs are so damn j/k.. but when you get a chance see a doctor. Tell your hubby to give you massages with hot oils until then. Hope you feel better. Don't stress so much, it wears you down.

Carolyn - posted on 04/30/2009




Two thoughts:

1. You might be suffering from depression. Often, there are serious physical symptoms, such as body pain. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression in the past, I had dismissed my symptoms of pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, etc. It can also be a thyroid thing that often has the same symptoms. Talk to your doctor.

2. You did nerve damage at the birth. Talk to your doctor. Or try alternative ways to manage your pain, such as accupuncture.

I hope you feel better soon.

Brenda - posted on 04/29/2009




I don't know if you've tried hot baths at all, but I've had back pain on and off since the pregnancy and I find that a nice hot bath for about 30 minutes does wonders. I usually take one around 8pm right after the baby goes down, and after I get out I'm nice and relaxed and ready for bed. Maybe you can also try a heating pad and see if somebody would be willing to give you a full body massage. Good luck hope you feel better soon!

Shelby - posted on 04/29/2009




That sounds really should see a may have something that is serious or at least they maybe able to tell you whats going on and give you something for it....being a new mom (I'm assuming) tough enough, feeling healthy....I can't imagine how your doing it in soo much pain.....

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