Issues with diapers and potty training.

Laura - posted on 10/12/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter was perfectly fine with doing her pee on the toilet, and still is mostly. She still refuses to poo on the toilet and has a freak out if we sit her on there and she starts to poo.

Recently, she has refused to go potty, even if I bring her in every 15 minutes. Instead, she'll run to her room, pull off her diaper and pee or poo on her bed! If I stick her in underwear instead of pull-ups, she just pees through them. I know she can hold her pee and control when she goes because she wakes up from her naps dry. Worst is she pulls her pjs off (even with a onesie underneath) at night AND her nighttime diaper and pees the bed. She knows when she does it because she cries and goes either "ohno i pee" or "ohno i poo", but still refuses to go on the toilet.

Both myself and my husband are at a loss with what to do. We have a child lock on the outside of her bedroom door but she can still undo it.


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Laura - posted on 10/21/2010




We had to give up on an actual potty months ago because she hates them. I stopped using pullups after and let her run in normal panties for 2 days. After the first day she caught herself when she dribbled in time to let me bring her to the bathroom, and she even pood on the toilet again!

She found her control after too. She now has full control over her pee, so much that she pees in patterns on the toilet because its funny. She even wakes up at night to go pee now, so she wakes up dry in the morning.

Byra - posted on 10/21/2010




Oh, wow, I so sorry to hear this!!! I my daughter will ask to have a diaper on so she can go!!! I like Tracie's idea of putting it in her room or ask her where she would like it. It sounds like she is wanting control of something so try to find things she can control. I let my daughter where her pjs all day if we are staying home or where rain boots to the store or other silly things that don't matter, but she feels like she is making decisions. I would also mention it to the doc maybe she has an infection or medical problem that could explain it. Never hurts to call the doc!

Tiffany - posted on 10/15/2010




Id agree with tracie
Try putting the potty in her room and explaining that pooing or peeing in her bed is very yucky, and that way she can feel comfortable enough maybe to go in her bedroom potty, especially at night.
my daughter has only just began potty training, so we arent there yet... I hope we never are. sounds terrible. :( good luck

Tracie - posted on 10/12/2010




How old is she? Try letting her pick out a potty chair that she likes, and keep it in her room. She sounds like she feels most secure there, if shes able to poo more easily in her bed than in the toilet.. I would watch the timing of her last drink, so that she wont need go during the night as well. Outside this, try telling her pediatrician as he/she may have dealt with this type of behavior before. Hope this helps.

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