Little boy is not very active

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Hi, my little man is 8 months old, and does not seem quite as active as he should, he is a big boy at nearly 25lb, although this has slowed down lots in the last 2 months. He used to roll from his tummy to his back, then from his back to his tummy, now he does nothing, he sits upright with no support very well, but won't move from that spot as if he is scared!? anyone gopt any tips on games i can play to help his development... at this rate he'll never be walking, let alone crawling! Any one else got the same problem?



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my son is also 8months old and i feel the same way 100%. Friends of mine had babies a month before and after me. There children have 2-4 teeth and are doing so much while my son is just not. He was close to 20lbs at his 6th month checkup and i wont know his weight until july 15th for his 9 month but hes between 23-24lbs when i weigh him at home give or take a few ounces. Now he use to just lie there...He now will roll from his stomach to back with no problems. Finally got his first tooth. He can sit pretty well alone finally but still falls over at times. But no crawling or anything..He gets around as of this last wk but kind of rolls and stuff to get there. I think all babies are different and dont worry he'll be fine. I had a nephew who was the same way and all of a sudden he did like everything in 2 wks time. I mean got teeth, said more words then other kids and stood without ever crawling. Watch out they'll amaze you. Maybe he's just very observant and taking it all in (-: good luck and i am glad i'm not the only one feeling this way!

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thanks for all the replied ladies, i love hearing all the different stories... just goes to show how every baby is different! I had a bit of a break through and discovered that if i put him down on his mat in just his nappy he moves so much more... maybe his clothes are resrticting him... thank goodness it summer over here cause he'll be naked most of the time now! haha ;) He played for over an hour happily on the floor like that yesterday, he would never have done that before... he had so much fun too, and then... even better... slept through the whole night! Little Angel!

Thanks again everyone, i'll be playing lots of little games to encourage him over the next few days, and hopefully like Tiffany's LO he'll take to it like a little genious in no time!


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My lil man doesnt move either! he wont roll or crawl. he hates being on his stomach! he does sit up but has a tendancy to fall sideways! i have tried using toys to see if he will mve towards them but he doesnt he just lifts his legas up n looks like hes tryin to sky dive LOL x

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he may just be taking his time on things. My Hailey is a lot smaller and she does things in her own time...she's only been sitting up by herself for about 1 mo now. She's like her brothers (my youngest son was your lil' one size also). Bring your concern to your pediatrician at next wellbaby just to make sure he's good to go. He is a cutie though (i want to put him in my pocket)!!!

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My baby is the opposite! LOL I cant get her to sit still! But I'll be honest, it pretty much happened over night!

One day she was sitting when I sat her up, or army crawling a bit... the next day she was on all 4s and doing men ushups and she would lunge forward to do that... and then now she is ulling herself up to stand (on her knees and feet)

I suggest allowing him to be on the floor as often as possible. Sitting a few feet away with a fav toy and asking him to come and get it. Put him on his belly and sit a toy3-4 feet away so he has to move to get it... those types of things.

I also heard that if you roll a ball to your child some children get the idea that they ahve to roll it back... although my daughter hasnt gotten that one yet.

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My little boy is the same as well, he is almost 8 months old and is about the same in weight. He just started rolling over earlier this month. He hates being on his belly for very long periods of time but loves to sit up and play with his toys. I was worried about the same thing but it is comforting to know other people are experiencing or have experienced the same thing :)

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Thanks guys,
gem, yeah i will try that and see how it goes, i always try and praise him with everything he does, i think a little encouragement goes a long way,

And Emma, your totally right, i am very proud, i love to play with ryan anyway, i think i might have more fun than him lol and i'm glad to know he's not the only one, and he will absolutely do things in his own time, i just wondered if it there was any tricks of the trade i was missing since i am a first time mum lol maybe not, patience is a virture eh!

Thanks again girlies! Off for our afternoon walk now! ;)

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You know my son is exactly the same, although he doesn't seem scared?, he just like to watch whats going on around him rather than investigate. His older brother was exactly the same and now you can't get him to slow down! Each baby is very different and if you are chilled out and relaxed, your baby will be too. If I was you I'd be proud of the fact your child is able to go at his own pace without having a pushy parent trying to get a child to do things they are not always ready for.

Sit back relax and enjoy it whilst you can xx

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hi amber,

i wouldnt worry too much as all babies develope at different stages so dont panic!

has he got a favourite toy or teddy sit him on the floor and start quite close to him on the floor and gradually get further away so he has to either reach or move onto his knees! and every time he grabs toy/teddy praise him i always make a real fuss of Jorja when she does something good!

i hope this helps let me know how you get on

lv gem x

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