Mommy weight after baby?

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Hi all. I was just wondering how everyone was doing with their bodies now that our babies have been out longer than they were in! I lost a ton of weight right after my son was born (a combination of running after an older toddler and, the best weigt loss solution, breastfeeding!). But I've now hit a plateau. Aaron isn't nursing as much and I'm just not losing weight anymore. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks that they were using to lose the baby weight. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! :-)


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Calandra - posted on 07/23/2016




I've lost my pregnancy weight with the help of an organic weight loss tea supplement called Mummy magic weight loss tea.

Christy - posted on 09/07/2009




I am gained A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF WEIGHT!!! I was a little overweight before I found out I was pregnant (just joined gym and started losing too!!!) but I continued to excersice as much as I could then developed TERRIBLE SCIATIC PAIN about two months in and it NEVER LESSENED OR DISSAPEARED through the ENTIRE PREGNANCY so working out or even doing yoga or pilates was out...I tried and tried...Chiro helped a little but only for a day or two and I couldn't afford $50.00 a vist five days a week...sheesh...I also had a 10lb baby and was HUGE (see my preg. pic on my profile if you like)...I have a HUGE amount of skin that seems to have lost it's elasticity (despite the Collagen & Elastin lotions applied during and after pregancy!!!LOL), so I MUST be vigilant about losing SLOWLY!!! Hubby said that after kids I can get reconstructive surgery to fix it if I need to...but I want to try non-surgical 1st!!!

I am very happy to announce that last week I made an appointment at the local YMCA (they have childcare for members!) with a 'coach' (different than the fitness instructors I was told) to start my 'Get Healthy and Fit' plan after a visit with my Doctor and he told me that I was borderline 'OBESE'...I NEVER thought I would be this big...I am so unhealthy and my joints and back hurts so much it's a STRUGGLE to carry my son downstairs when he wakes up (so stiff and sore!!!). Anyway, I have 70 pounds to lose and I WILL succeed, Doctor said that getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night will cause WOMEN (not MEN) to gain 30 lbs a year on average!!! I was getting less than 4 and it was interrupted OFTEN with waking baby (now he sleeps through the night)...I am on my way and will keep you posted with any new tricks or help I can give...I an going to try that site too!!!


[deleted account]

Honestly I put on more weight after I had Cliodhna than when I was pregnant. Because I had a section and I wasn't able to do anything, so I just sat and stuffed. Ugh!!
I'm still trying to get it off, it really gets me down sometimes. I need more motivation.

Michelle - posted on 09/05/2009




i'm the opposite. I always after EVERY child I have 4 gone back to pre birth weight by the time they are two months old, I stay that way till about 6 monthish then pile on the weight. I'm now at my heaviest, probs doesn't help this time I had PND and ended up eating and eating so now trying to loose it i'm 201 eek i'm trying soo hard to get back down to 144 which is what i want to be. I keep track of my calories on calorie counter thingy website and also have hv support as I'm still breastfeeding.

Meredith - posted on 09/03/2009




i'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, i was able to do it in about 6mo postpartum. i take a lot of walks with lil scott in the stroller and i take a metabolizing supplement and a breakfast shake. they can only be bought through referral so send me a message if u are interested! walking is definitely great as well as just eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies.

Cristy - posted on 09/02/2009




dance it doesnt matter it your good or not
do it with your tot
it could be the wiggles dance if you like
its great bonding time and it gets the body moving
im not so expert but i do have 4 bio kids plus 1 foster and this has worked for me hope it helps

Natalie-norton - posted on 09/02/2009




Hmm.. i felt like that when istopped breastfeeding, but i have found that running around after my daughter seems to help!

Have you tried taking the kids for a walk everyday to a park or to visit friends or family? Ive always thought walking is the best as i have to admit im not a great lover of gyms hahaha apart from that remember it take a whole year before all your insides go completely back to normal thats what i keep telling myself haha i do have down moments where i feel totally unattractive because im not as slim as what i was but ive got my other half and my daughter so it doesnt get me down for long... I hope you feel great being you and the great mum you are to your children and even if you can't lose a few extra pounds, what does it matter you have your kids to show for it!

If you are interested i run a new community called The Mum Club we just generally have a gossip about silly things and just make friend. Take a look and join :D

Jenifer - posted on 09/02/2009




Im am 154 pounds before i had any of my children i was 149 but when i was 4 months preg with my 2nd because of bad morning sickness i was down to 127 pounds. I can't seam to lose any more weight i don't eat a lot and am an active mother yet can't lose the weight i have just about given up . I am 163cm tall

Crystal - posted on 09/02/2009




I am breastfeeding and only lost about 15lbs or so, Im still 30lbs heavier than i was before i got pregnant. I had an extremely high metabolism before but it seems to have slowed right down. I have my hands full with my daughter she is full of mischief so I am always on the go with her, and we walk a lot so i dont think its lack of exercise, maybe its my diet...

[deleted account]

I was the opposite, I didn't lose any weight until I stopped breastfeeding. Since then (May) I've lost 30 pounds. I spent a month tracking my calories on which really helped me figure out how much I should be eating. I must also add that even though I'm only 6 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight I still can't fit into my old clothes yet and I seem bigger in the stomach and hips :(

Stacey - posted on 09/01/2009




well i didnt breastfeed but i have 2 other sons i weigh 116pounds my other sons are 3 and 2. I walk alot i think thats how i keep it off but i also have a very high metabolism

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