Protective of her "privates"

Yvonne - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




So about 3-4 months ago my little girl discovered that she had a vagina. She doesn't play with it but will grab it once or twice after her bath and then moves on to something else. Ever since then she has gotten really protective of it. It has gotten worse over the course of the 4 months or so and this past weekend screamed when I tried to wipe her. I thought first that she was raw or sore or maybe an infection but when I finally had a chance to look, everything looked normal. I thought then it may be the wipes but I have been using the same ones since we brought her home. I just don't know what to think or do. She does this with her care giver (to a lesser degree) but cringes/stiffens up when it's time to clean her. She is a bit better in the bath tub which kind of leads me to believe that I may just be wiping too hard. Of course as a parent your first thought is "someone messed with my baby" but I just can't see it. She is only ever with me or her dad or her care giver which I have no reason to suspect. Anyone else have this going on or have any suggestions? I thought that maybe I may start just spraying her off with the shower and see if she changes her behavior towards her private but other than that I have nothing...


Larissa - posted on 05/03/2010




My son hates getting wipedit started around 3 months ago and I am his primary cargiver he's only with his dad or a family freind who babysits him. I was concerned also at first but I think he just doesnt luike to be messed with maybe some kids are just more sensitive than others. He doesnt even really touch himself like some boys his age do. He might point and say pee pee but thats about it. I dont think it's of any concern if you havent seen indication of abuse such as unusual redness or scraches or bruises. Just all kids are fifferent some like certains things others dont.

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