Putting baby in crib with bottle?

Erin - posted on 08/22/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Does anyone put their baby in the crib with a bottle? I have had some tell me its okay and others say its not. I would like to hear from others before I even go ahead and do this. Thanks for the advice.


Erin - posted on 08/24/2009




Thanks for all the help....i tried it a couple times now and she seems to drink the bottle and throw it when she is done.....i have found the bottle both times outside of the crib not too long after putting her down with it.....I wanted to try it because she seemed to be getting up a lot during the night wanting to be held....but the two times i have put her to bed with the bottle she has not got up at all during the night.

Stacey - posted on 08/22/2009




I think in the end, it is up to you, but I avoided giving my babies their bottle in bed, or letting them fall asleep with their bottle to avoid that 'bad habit'. If they fall asleep with a bottle, then if they wake through the night they will want another bottle to get back to sleep and this might form bad habits. I give my children a bottle about 10 mins before bed, then they have a nappy change, story and put to bed. I think it's totally up to you, it depends on what works for you and whether you want to possibly end up having to try to break 'bad habits' down the track.

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I give my daughter a bottle in bed during nap times. It is the only way that she will nap in her crib. It took her many months before she was on a regular nap schedule and the bottle in bed was the only thing that worked. At night however, my routine is a bit different. I used to give Audrey the bottle in bed. Once she was sleeping through the night like that, I transitioned her by feeding her in the rocking chair and then placed a stuffed animal in bed with her and she would put herself to sleep within a about ten minutes. Sometimes she would cry a couple minutes before quieting down and falling asleep. Now I feed my daughter a bottle while reading her a book. After I brush her teeth and put her back in the crib with a stuffed animal. She falls asleep almost instantly and sleeps consistently through the night. The process took a couple months, but it was worth sticking with it.

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I did it a lot with my first, but I'd give him a bottle with water instead of milk since then the milk wouldn't sit on his teeth all night. IMO it made it harder to wean him off the bottle since it became his bedtime comfort. DD sometimes gets one, but she sucks it down within 5 min and the only reason I do it is b/c I just don't have enough hands when trying to chase after DS at bedtime too.

It's a personal choice, but most medical professionals will tell you NOT to do it. IMO once in a while is OK, doing it every night, not OK. Plus it depends on the age of the kid...I didn't start until 9 months when they could hold the bottle themselves

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Sara - posted on 08/24/2009




I wouldn't start it if I were you. It's bad for their teeth if they fall asleep with milk/juice in their mouths. Why do you want to give him a bottle in bed with him, anyway?

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It is a personal choice. The negatives are if they have a bottle in their mouth all night (with milk) then milk is left on their gums and can cause tooth or gum problems later on. I do put a bottle in the crib with my son but that's because I know that if he wakes up and drinks it he does just that he drinks it and then tosses it aside and rolls over and goes back to sleep. You don't have to give them milk though you can use water. My son never took a pacifier and was night nursed until 6 months when he started to sleep through the night in his own crib so the bottle to him is more of a comfort thing like how other babies use a soother. also if you do want to give them milk/formula in a bottle over night then you can always water it down.
Personal choice it works for us, sometimes he drinks it sometimes not
Good Luck

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