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Allie - posted on 04/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My (future ex) mother in law, whom her son slept in her bed until he was 13!!!, got my daughter in a horrible habit of wanting to sleep in bed with an adult. Chelsea gets upset when I tell her that its time for bed, she will continue crying and sometimes screaming when I put her down. She climbs out of her bed and starts knocking on her door. I have recently caved in and let her sleep on my bed. Lets back up a bit, when chelsea was a baby, she was a crib baby. She hated her bassinet and my bed was too small for her to be in it. She loved the space of her crib. She loved sleep. She knew when it was bedtime, and she went down with a smile. Now, I'm feeling like I'm being mean by having her sleep in her own bed, in her own room. She gets upset and I feel horrible. How am I supposed to get her to adapt and it ends up with a win/win outcome???


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/18/2011




Parenting isn't always a win/win..but I think when it comes to sleep..if she gets sleep and you do too then having her in her own bed is the way to go! My kids are not allowed to sleep in my bed and have never wanted to. There's lots of room in their own beds.

Alaneah - posted on 04/17/2011




The sad part is, its gonna be hard at first. My son stayed with his grandma (My ex's mom) for awhile, and they ALWAYS let him sleep with them. so when he'd be with me he had to sleep with me. by the end of the day im just so tired that i would give in then put him in his crib. (He's in a bed now) finally one night i said "you cant sleep with me. your not a baby anymore. you can be a big boy and sleep in your own bed." and it was hell for 2 days. but he got so fed up with me saying no he gave up. But the big thing is, when you put her down to make it seem like its amazing that she gets her own space. its HERs and not even mommy can sleep there. but mommy needs her own bed. and so do you. kinda like that. she might try really hard to make u cave (ie screaming) but i promise your not being mean. your just teaching her to have confadence in herself. independence. When she screams just go to her and lay her back down. say good night got to sleep now. the next time DONT say anything. just lay her down. again and again. eventually shell be tired n go to sleep. try this is different variations. whatever fits you best. good luck! i pormise itll be worth it!!

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