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my daughter is 5mths & has been teething since she was 12wks.. she doesnt like teething rusks or the teething rings you put in the fridge she just prefers to suck on her fingers..i use teething gel for her gums but it washes off to quickly with her drewl & panadol & nurofen dont help much either...... ANY suggestions??


Nancy - posted on 04/02/2009




I bought my daughter a raspberry teether (it looks like a pacifier) and she would chomp on that all day long as well as any plush toy she could get her hands on. She hates teething rings and anything cold in her mouth She finally cut her 2 bottom teeth a few weeks ago. I used the teeth gel twice as a last resort as I read that it can numb their tongues and their gag reflex. I tried the Tylenol but it made her really hyper. Best things to do is wash your hands and massage her gums yourself or give her a dry face cloth to chew. You will get through it without losing your mind....I promise!

Tara - posted on 04/01/2009




Does she seem to be in pain? My son just got his 2 bottom teeth so while they were pushing through the gums I gave him tylenol at night to help him sleep and during the day I used Camilia drops. You can by them in a drug store in the vitamin section. They are natural and I found they worked great! I have also heard that the Hyland teething tablets are good too but I haven't tried them. He wouldn't take a cold teether at first either, I had to hold it for him and put it in his mouth, then he loved it. Good luck!


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