teething at 4.5mths old

Jessica - posted on 03/01/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




my son is teething already. he is only 4.5mths old. just wondering if anyone else is having the same development.


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My son has had everything but the fussiness going on for about the past month . . . but it doesn't look like there are any teeth ready to pop up quite yet. I guess the best I can hope for if we are going to be teething for a while is that he keeps on with how he is dealing with right now and doesn't get fussy. haha

Denise - posted on 03/03/2009




My daughter Kara got her first two bottom teeth at 3 1/2 months. It suprised me but all babies are different.

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My Dr. says 6 months is average.  My son has been teething for about 4 weeks (drooling, chomping down on everything, fussiness) and he is also 4.5 months but no teeth have popped through.  He seems to have good days and bad ones and this is apparently because the teeth go up and down before they finally come through.  I can see white slits (the top of the teeth) now so soon I think. 

Kristine - posted on 03/03/2009




My son is teething, im kinda sad cause I will probably stop nursing him when he gets his first tooth

Melissa - posted on 03/02/2009




My twin son, Kyan has been teething for about a month now. He is super drooly
and eating those fingers. He will be 5 months old next week and just today he starting sucking on my hand and I felt something hard. I think his tooth is beginning to pop through. A little early, but I am excited. I have been using the Little Teethers on his gums when he seems uncomfy. I was told not to use it close to feeding time though.

Nicole - posted on 03/01/2009




Yup, my lil girl started teething a couple of weeks ago - at 4 months... I thought it was too early... but apparently not...

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My son has been teething since 3 months and we are now at 4 months and a week.. still nothing ... However I can see where the teeth are going to come through and this past 2 weeks have been hell.. thank god for camillia (homopathic) this works wonders and I can pick it up at the walmart... you should have white on his/her gums in spots then it will progress to where you can see the two slits of white emerging up through the gums ... Lucas is cutting 2 teeth at one time.. fun fun!!

Vicky - posted on 03/01/2009




my son started teething at 3 months no teeth have come through yet but it shouldnt be long now.

Michelle - posted on 03/01/2009




us lilys been teething for months now but no teeth are popping thru... my son got his first 2 teeth at 3 months and a week so your son might get them fast or you may be in for a long time of tears

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