Two month old sleeping routine?

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My 2 month old has gotten into a horrible habit of not sleeping. He doesn't want to take naps and then gets himself too tired to sleep. After a few days he eventually crashes. Is it too early to put him on a somewhat strict sleeping schedule? We go to bed at night around the same time but our naps have not been at a consistent time up to this point. Any suggestions??


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Cathy - posted on 12/13/2008




It is different for every baby. My 2 month old daughter doesn't sleep for more than 20 minutes a couple times during the day and then gets real crabby and fussy when she's extremely tired. She works herself up so much the only way to calm her is in her front carrier and she usually passes out but wakes up if I try to remove her. Then at night, she usually eats between 9 and 10, falls asleep right away, and stays asleep until 6. She sleeps so well at night that I almost don't want her to nap, but the crabbiness and crying really can wear on you.

Marly - posted on 12/13/2008




My son kinda does what he wants, He has somewhat of a routine he wakes around 7:30 we eat and play, then he zonks back out in bed with me around 8:30-9:00, then we both wake up at 11:00. From there on out it varies from day to day. I try so hard to be "the boss" and let him work it out himself, when he won't go down for naps but it doesn't seem like he is getting this self sooth thing down, it seems like the only thing that calms him down is his pacifier (a good tool for the day, but who wants to get up and stick it back in his mouth every 30 minutes at night) At night it varies. One night he will go 6 hours, and the next won't got for more than 3...I have the book babywise but my doctors told me not to go by it, I am starting to think they don't know what they are talking about. haha I will give it a read.

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I don't know, I think it just depends on the baby. My 2 month old is now sleeping 10 hours a night usually with only 1 feed in there in the middle, but she is very difficult to get down for a nap during the day. She gets sooo tired, crabby, cries, rubs her eyes, falls asleep finally after a great bout of crying, but will wake up within a few minutes usually. She miiigggghhhttt sleep longer if she's really tired. She usually finally falls asleep around dinner time and I am trying to limit that nap so she's tired at bedtime. She falls asleep at around 11:30 and I can't seem to get that time any earlier so far. I am trying to stick to a routine for bedtime starting with warm bath, to warm jammies with dim lights and a CD that we have played every bedtime since birth (to give her a cue) read a couple books and snuggle, nurse to sleep or rock to sleep. Sometimes she fights it terrible and is very fussy and sometimes it works like a charm. But either way, we try to stick to the routine. I haven't moved her to her crib yet. At night I keep all the lights off, keep stimulation to a bare minimum, put her right back to bed after seems to work for night time.

Elizabeth - posted on 12/12/2008




My suggestion... Read the bood Babywise!!! My 2 month old sleeps about 9 hours at night and naps like a champ! We managed to establish a routine very early on by following the books guidelines. It's been great to help me anticipate his feeding and nap times so we can plan our day around them! I highly recommend this book!!

Hope this helps!


Jenny - posted on 12/09/2008




I am not sure what the answer is. We went to Katie's 2 month old appointment today. I asked the doctor how to get her on a more consistent schedule and he said to keep her naps during the day to 2 1/2 hours MAX and to move her out of our room into her crib and that she might begin to add hours to her sleeping segments at night. Another friend of mine said to make sure at night when you feed/change their diaper, to keep all the lights off, no loud noises and put them right back to bed. The issue of sleeping is a BIG one and I am just trying different things in hopes of finding something that works.

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