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My son is just about 19 months old and I noticed recently that he has started walking on his tip toes. He does not do it all day every day, but he does it on occasion. I never thought too much about it because I thought it was normal, as I did it when I was a child. He just had his 18 month old develop mental check and they said how advanced he was for his age. He is not regressing in any area and still is learning new things. Is there something I should be worried about? My concern came after I did a little research on the interent and all articles said that walking on tip toes is not normal. I have a doc appt tomorrow for his pyhsical and I will ask his doc but would like some real advice from moms!THANK YOU!


Melissa - posted on 04/28/2010




My son is 18 months and has been walking on his tiptoes quite a bit. he does not do it all the time but I would say 3/4 of the time. He does when he is barefoot but not when wearing shoes. I asked my doc at the 18 month check up and she said that it was nothing to be concerned about. She said that the tendons in heel are tight and this could be a reason. She said it would work itself out. Sometimes it can be a sensory thing where they just like the way it feels. I posted something on a twins forum I am on and got a lot of "freak me out" posts back. Anywhere from him needing to wear a special boot to autism. I just ignored it. My doc is not concerned and neither am I.

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Yes my 18 mth has done it occassionally too, same as you, only here and then. Whenever i see kids on tippy toes my immediate link to that is autism however i dont feel that is the case with any of us on here. Perhaps as its been suggested it is just a phase and maybe they are just getting a feel for what their feet can do. Interesting to know other kids do it here and there too. But no i am not the slightest bit worried about it at this stage.

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Myself and all four of my daughters walked on our tiptoes to some extent and it has done none of us any harm at all, we only ever did it bare foot. I still tend to walk on my tiptoes whilst barefoot, don't know why but I've had no adverse reaction to it after 35yrs. Wouldn't worry about it, you would know yourself if there's any real problems with your child so listen to your instincts. Tracy x

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walking on tiptoes all the time can become a problem but usually is just a phase for children. sometimes the tendons can be too tight in the heel which is why some children walk on tip toes. Special boots are usually alot further down the line if problems continue and there is only a tiny chance of autism being the problem. Shoes and trainers help children to walk flat footed which usually helps but generally this is really not too much of a problem and children usually grow out of it. to put your mind at rest i know a child who was 6 before he walked flat footed and he still hadnt got to the point of special boots, physicians or autism!

Nichole - posted on 04/28/2010




Thank you Melissa! I talked to my girlfriend about this as well and she thinks it is normal also. He son does it on occasion as well. She spoke to her doctor about this and she told her the same thing about a sensory thing. He does not do it when he wears shoes, but I am not sure if he would be able to do it with shoes on. My same girlfirends doctor also told her just to keep shoes on her son. I just wanted to make sure this was normal becasue it really freaked me out.


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Lisa - posted on 05/03/2010




Hi, My son is also 19 months old and walks on his tip toes at times. I have spoken to health professionals and they do not believe it is bad for them unless they do it all the time, I think its a phase. Take care :) Lisa

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