wat do i do if my 2 yr old wont listen to n e body? we tried to displine him yet he wont listen.


Kiran - posted on 12/04/2010




when kids misbehave its really hard to stay calm. but this is the trick. if we lose our own temper, it effects the child more and more. he will always resist to what you want him/her to do. I usually start doing something else and try to divert her attention there. after 2 or 3 minutes she becomes intrested in what i am doing. then when we both are calm and in a playing type mood, i start with stories like, "there was a nice little girl who used to say sorry when she has done something wrong" and she listnes carefully. at the end i usually add" you know that little girl was ishaal" and believe me this surely works. children can learn things from stories by relating to the main character. pushing them too much will not get either of us anywhere.


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Kimber - posted on 06/20/2011




Iam going threw the same thing with our 3 year old he want listen to a damn thing either me,or my husband try to tell him,and instead just does it anyway "DRIVES ME CRAZZY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you ever do find out the would you please let me know!

Penny - posted on 11/14/2010




naughty spot/time out works great. i ask my son to something if he says no or doesnt listen i say mommy is going to start counting and if you dont stop then you will go on the naughty chair. i only usually get to 2 n he stops/listens. occasionally we get to 3 and he does 2minuites. i tell him he needs to start listening and he then says sorry and gives me a hug n kiss.

Molly - posted on 11/13/2010




Leah has some good points. It makes a huge difference to a child when they are acknowledged for their good behavior. I dont think a sticker chart is neccessary unless you really want to keep up with it. But discipline does work. and i believe kids need it. children thrive in a predictable, structured enviornment. they need to know there will be praise and consequenses.

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It must be stressful, but really don't discipline them it really doesn't work. Kid's misbehave usually because parents react and pay them attention hence why they keep doing it and doing it.
Kid's however love rewards, so start rewarding for good behaviour with a rewards chart, you will find that they will totally change because you are paying attention to the good behaviour and rewarding them for it. Put stickers on a chart when they are good at the end of the week reward them with something they like such as going to the park, shops, library, nana's and pop's or letting them watch their favourite show or give them a delicious treat.
Also just by getting down to their eye level and being quick as children have short attention spans just say for instance 'please don't hit mum's face it's not for hitting and it hurts', that's it, keep it simple and easy for them to understand, and keep up with the good rewards chart. You will notice a big and better change.
Good luck and all the best.
Cheers Leah.

Molly - posted on 11/06/2010




if our daughter is misbehaving we do time out for 2 minutes. if she screams or cries thats fine (i dont expect her to enjoy it) but if she moves we dont say anything- just calmly put her back and start the time over until she has made 2 minutes. You dont have to get mad. Just remind him that there are consequences for not listening. after he is done tell him why he was in time out and give him a hug and go on. sometimes kids need to be reminded of who the boss of the house is.

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