what methods are good for potty training?


Ashlee - posted on 02/10/2010




we asked our ped at his 15 month check up about potty training as we thought our little guy was ready and all he said was wait longer that it is too early to start. Not sure my mom tells all 4 of her kids were trained by now who knows, we're going to wait until the 18 month check up and see what he says then

Good Luck


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Jonna - posted on 02/22/2010




My son started showing some intrest at 16 months. When ever my hubby or I would go he followed, saying "pee pee". So we got a little potty chair and I would sit him on it every few hours.... We would sit there until he went, sometimes 10 minutes, when he went we would give him a special treat like Gerber Puffs..... sometimes even the little Smarties candy.... He was totally trained by the time he was 2!!!!!! Also we stopped doing diapers during the day, and the pull ups at night..... We got the training undies. Sure he had a few messes but he hated being wet so it was easy for us.
Now our 16 month old daughter is showing us that she is ready, so I have pulled the potty chair out again and she is doing ok with it too!!!

I say if they are showing intrest in it then GO FOR IT!!!!! Good luck!!!!

Leah - posted on 02/21/2010




I personally think it is too early to start potty training. I probably will not even start thinking about it until my son is closer to 2. My daughter was potty trained at 2.5 and I have heard boys can be as late as 3.5. In order for potty training to be successful they need to have bladder control (which generally does not happen until closer to 2), and be able to tell you they have to go to the bathroom and recognize the urge. Every child is different and matures at different rates so I suppose some chidlren may be ready by 18 months. I know my son can hardly sit still for 10 secs I cannot imagine him stitting on a potty long enough to pee. I also want to guarantee success when I start so I will wait several more months. I am definitely not looking forward too potty training a boy;)
Good luck everyone! Rewards of some kind seem to be the most effective.

Lauri - posted on 02/20/2010




Ok I have 2 girls, so potty training a boy is so new to me. I bought him a potty chair took it out of the box and sat it in the middle of the room. He of course came over lifted the lid looked in it and inspected it. I told him it is to go potty in. He of course dropped a toy in the bowl and losed the lid. Not what I had in mind. Ok so day 2, i sat him on it with his pants on while reading him a book about the potty. More inspecting the seat. OK day 3 pants off diaper off sat on the seat for about 15 minutes, nothing. Not bad. But now he likes to pull down his pants and tug at his diaper and sit on the seat. He hasnt peed or pooped in it yet, but he is only 16 months and I am not rushing him to go in it yet. I figured we would get more serious at about 18 months. But I am not sure with a boy if you are to train them to sit down or stand up to pee. I am thinking to sit down would be easier and not as messy. Any suggestions would be great!!!

Monica - posted on 02/10/2010




i liked the relaxed approach...
18 months is a good time to introduce 'The Potty' .
there are fun videos and books about potties!!
they can hear about it when you go, just tell them "look mama's going potty!" lol.
once in awhile u can put them on it, and try to get them used to it, and perhaps by chance they will go peepee!!! Then you have to be very happy excited, show them what they did and tell them what they did... even give them a sticker or a little treat (baby cookie, etc..) to show them they did good!!
they will get it, that's for sure, and no pressure , i think, is the best way!!
make it fun, and it will come easy!
when they're ready they will do it!

Tina - posted on 02/10/2010





Before my second daughter, Natalie was born, Myah was close to 3 and almost completely potty trained. I would just let her follow me into the restroom and while I went potty, she sat on her potty chair. After a while, she figured out what she was supposed to do in there. After Natalie was born, Myah decided to stop going potty like a big girl. We read books every day, but I think the most important thing I did, was encourage her, and give her POSITIVE attention. I didn't give her any extra attention when she went in her pants. NOT EVEN NEGATIVE, but EVERY time she said she had to go potty, no matter where I was, I jumped up and said, YAY! Lets go! And at home, every time she went on the toilet successfully, I put a sticker on her potty chart.

I made the chart out of a white piece of construction paper and colorful markers. It looked JUST like a calendar, but bigger, with LOTS of space for each day. so we had room to keep filling the page with stickers. I only made 1 page, which was 1 week, and at the end of the week, Myah was going on the potty full time! Within the first two days, she was trying to MAKE herself go, just for another sticker on her chart. (she got to pick the sticker!)

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