When is the best time to start a baby on a sippy cup

Latasha - posted on 07/22/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




I just talk to her nutritionist and she told me being that my child is 9 months it is a good idea that she should start on it now. But here's my thing I tried to give it to her and she doesnt want it. I dont want to force it on her but Its really hard to listen to everybody when you only want what's best for her. Please help me.


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All I can say is don't let people stress you out. I used to worry all the time and compare my son to every other baby his age. But you know what? He's fine. Nobody knows your baby better than you. Once in a while get her to try the cup but I would not worry about it.

Corinne - posted on 07/22/2009




i got the same "lecture" when my baby was 6 months! ive found it best to just give her the option, a sippy cup with a little bit of water in it! she knows how to drink out of it but shed rather play with it! i found she plays more with the hard nipple than the soft ones...and the soft ones she will tip it up and chew on it! i dont force it on her either...i just give it to her once a day and she will figure it out one day! :)

they told me to start her on the hard nipple cups and to take the stopper out of it so when she tips it up, she knows there is stuff in it! (i really found that a dumb idea! lol ) we also let her drink outof our glass, if we have water! she does really well with it....better than the sippy cup!

good luck and i agree with you! its tiring to hear people tell you whats best for your child! just brush it off! your baby is happy and healthy...no need to change anything youre doing! i finally found a doctor that was on my side, for the first time EVER last month..so you know there is still hope out there! LOL


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Nicole - posted on 07/29/2009




It was suggested we start Aidan around 6 months so we did. He is just now wanting to actually hold the cup. Although he won't drink out of it yet--he is holding on to it with a very firm grip. So I can't ask for much more than that..

Lena - posted on 07/29/2009




I started with the sippy cups at 7 months. I would fill the whole cup up with water, so they wouldn't have to tip the cup so much, and leave the cups in their play area. If I wouldn't pay much attention to the cups my twins would become very interested in them and begin to explore. Once they realized something was in them they enjoyed getting the water themselves. We tried the Avent sippycup adapter lids first but found that the Nubby cups work best for us. These are the soft ones. Now the ped says we need to start formula in the cups but I am afraid of spills all over the carpet. Who wants to clean up formula spots all day long??? We'll start soon, I guess.

Good Luck!!

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my son is 9 months, and I started him on one a couple weeks ago. He has been feeding himself from a bottle, so I thought that he would easily switch over. he has been chewing on the hard spout, but he does know that there is something in the cup.

I tried to take off the stopper, but then his whole outfit gets soaked.

I think that if you keep trying, your baby will learn how to use it. we all learned how to drink out of cups. every baby hits stages at different times. I'm not worried about my son learning how, because I know that he will drink milk or juice from a bottle by himself.

Michelle - posted on 07/27/2009




both of my kids starting using them at 4 months just give baby the cup to play with and she'll getit

Danielle - posted on 07/27/2009




My daughter is 9 months and she uses one sometimes for juice. I started her on it at 8 months. I just kept offering it to her.

Karen - posted on 07/25/2009




Good to hear all this feedback, I have been trying with my daughter since 6 months too but she plays with it...lol..what sippy cups are recommended? I tried the Born Free and I could hardly drink from it. also tried the Avent and found it to be hard, but the Playtex seems a lot easier to use. Do they choke when the vent/stopper is taken out?

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My boy has been using a sippy cup since 5mnths, I do like to intorduce them early and having them drink water is great especially if its summer!!! I have worked with 0-1 year olds for years in childcare and am a mother of 3, I start by removing the stopper and tipping it up so the water goes in their mouth, if they don't get water in their mouth they wont be able to associate this "thing" with having fluids in it, so it is not a 'dumb' idea, it actually works!!! Once they learn stuff comes out of it they then begin to suck and you can then replace the stopper. My son has water with every meal and in between meals as well, he now users a straw cup at home and a non-spill sippy when out. He is 8 mnths, but just keep at it, they learn fast.

Jill - posted on 07/24/2009




my son is almost 10 months old. i started attempting to give him his sippy cup at 5/6 months old. he tried to take it but usually would just play with it. i would give it to him every night with his dinner and eventually he started using it. now he gets it with either juice or water in it. the only time i give him a bottle is when he gets formula which isn't often. don't fret over it :o) just try to give it to her on a regular basis and eventually when she's ready for it she'll take it.

Jackie - posted on 07/22/2009




My daughter has been using a sippy cup since 6 months. She loves her sippy cup. She gets so excited when i give it to her. She just gets the one with the soft nipple. I usually only put water in it and on occasion juice.

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