October 2009 Mommies

This support group is for any mom who delivered her baby during the month of October, 2009. Let's share all of our thoughts and experiences as our little ones grow everyday.


Anyone TTC again?

Are any of you trying to conceive again? We're on our 4th cycle trying. I have a feeling it's going to take us a couple of years again. Callie


Rolling over

Has anyones little one rolled over yet? Cooper did about a month ago and as always I turn my head for a second he rolls over for the first time. I love it when they make these...


Son won't take milk.....

So Nathan, my little guy, turned 1 2 weeks ago and our pediatrician told me I need to be giving him at least 2 glasses of milk a day while we are still breastfeeding and 3 when...


Baby # 2

my son will be one on October 19, 2010. And we are expecting baby # 2 on December 27, 2010. Anyone else having baby's so close together?


Birthday help

Hi, My daughters 2nd birthday is Jan.23 and this year it's going to be Yo Gabba Gabba. She goes crazy for them. But as we all know they don't sell anything at the stores. Which...



Every time I put my 10 month old in the play yard or crib (sometimes even in the ExerSaucer) he screams and cries like its the end of the world. What can I do to stop this...



We bought one for Emma as a Christmas gift and she has been sitting there for a week now. I was told to not sit her there until she's three months, but she will be three months...


Fun things to keep baby entertained

Since my son was born I have tried to do fun stimulating things with him as I want him to have lots of different experiences. I do lots of things with him but are always open to...


How much is your baby eating?

My 6 month old daughter will wake up in the morning around 7:30am, and She will drink 8 oz of formula. At lunch time 12pm she will eat 2 tbls of cereal and 2 tbls of fruit but...


Spitting up!

Hey there friends! I was curious if any of your little-ones are still spitting up? I thought that Claire would stop spitting up so much once we started solids but she still...


Who has started solids?

We took Claire for her 4 month check-up and got the ok to start solids. We feed her 2 tablespoons of rice cereal with about an ounce of formula for breakfast and dinner. In...


Pumping and Traveling

I'm back at work now and have been told that I have to travel a few times this year. Both trips are going to be almost a week long (first trip in March). I need to pump and save...


Didn't see an intro post!

Hi! I am new to the forums, but have been on Circle of Moms for about 2 years I think? LOL! My name is Jamie, I am interested in finding friends, talking about being a mommy,...


Wearing your baby

I recently found instructions to make a baby sling through Maya wraps. My son is really curious and loves to be moving around so I've been carrying him in it while I've been...



So, I have had a rough couple of weeks. On Feb. 5th Cooper had his 4 month check up said he was healthy as could be and while I was there I had the Dr. check out my 20 month...


Baby food

I started Cooper on baby food about a week ago. We are going through the veggies first then once we are through them then onto the fruits. He started with sweet peas, did very...