October 2010 Babies..

For expecting mom's having their babies in October 2010. Find your due date buddy,share your stories, fears, vent out or just chat.


When was your Due Date?

When was your October 2010 Due Date? and when was your child actually born? Due Date: October 25, 2010 Birthday: October 18, 2010


What's your baby like now

Alright moms get ready to brag about your little one!! : ) not like we don do it enough anyway!! Lol!! But fill us in on what you little one is doing, sleeping, anything new...


Temper and tantrums

I honestly thought that I wouldn't have to deal with this until my son was a toddler and at that point I had no worries about discipline. I can stick to my guns with the best of...


How do I discourage screaming?

My 6 month old has started to scream. It is a piercing scream that goes right through you like a lightening bolt. She started this a few weeks ago - it lasted a few days then...


sleeping through the night

is anyone's baby sleeping through the night yet? my daughter is almost 8 weeks ago and has a bottle at 10pm and doesnt wake up again until 6am for her bottle


How is your pregnancy?

Hi, My name is Victoria and Im Due October 1st,2010 with a beautiful babygirl. I have a rollercoaster pregnancy and Would like to hear about other womens pregnancy To see how...