32 weeks and measuring small...

Jacqueline - posted on 08/25/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am 32 weeks pregnant and today my docotor said I'm measuring small and had me set up an ultrasound to make the baby is growing properly. I'm worried about his growth. But he moves and kicks A LOT. To the point where I'm bruising. Does anyone else have this problem?


Stacey - posted on 09/13/2010




im the opposite, my bump is measuring exactly right for my dates, but went for a U/S as babys breech and turns out shes already 8lbs 3 at 36 weeks which measures her at the higher end of the scale for 39 weeks or overdue, but i think shes just a big girl as my first was 8lbs 7 and half at term, every baby is different, id love to have a tiny petite baby but guess i just grow big ones lol, congrats to yous all and goodluck

Jill - posted on 08/25/2010




Don't stress about it. Are you or the baby's dad on the smaller side? Baby could just be a tiny bundle of joy instead of what is considered average. No need for unnecessary stress....yet. Wait for the ultrasound! Hope all is well and you enjoy these last 8 weeks!


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Natasha - posted on 09/08/2010




My Dr. just sent me for a U/S last week cause i was measuring small and everything was good baby is just sitting funny . but measuring up good . hope everything work out and baby is not to small ....

S. - posted on 09/08/2010




hi i went a few weeks ago and again today as was measuring small, my mw said that smaller babies dont have as much fluid around them she said baby is about 5lbs now and i am 36 weeks.
my two other kid's was 5lbs11oz and 6lbs10

Nicola - posted on 08/29/2010




I was the opposite, measuring big, when they checked my fundus i was 3cm larger than supposed to. so had an ultrasound and im only measuring 1 week bigger, which to me makes more sense, fits into my dates more. Dont stress too much coz they only worry if by ultrasound you measure out by 3 weeks, either side. Also with my instance, im carrying a lot of fluid still in my belly which is why im big, it could be something small like you carrying more in your back, or you have a larger sized torso or maybe even your dates being wrong. Just remember to try not to worry coz that could make things worse

Hayley - posted on 08/28/2010




im 34 weeks, had a scan thursday and she only weighs 4lb 8oz but they arent worried, every baby is different, my oldest who will be 4 tomorrow was born at 36 weeks and she was 4lb 2oz

Shari - posted on 08/28/2010




I'm the same, im so much smaller then other woman the same week as me, i only started to show about three weeks ago. People always tend to ask if something is wrong with the baby, when i was small myself, and so was my partner at birth.

Tara - posted on 08/27/2010




I'm also measuring a week small too. My OB said you can measuring anywhere between 3 weeks behind or ahead without being concerned about it. Anything more then they would be worried. They could have just been off with your due date also, or she/he is just a bit smaller. I was nervous also because I feel really small compared to other woman who around the same gestation as me, but I was a preemie at birth and my mother also had 2 other small babies, so it could just run in my family. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless they tell you something is wrong. Also at this stage if your baby was born tomorrow the chance of survival is high. I'm hoping to get one more U/S also, so enjoy seeing the baby again before she/he is here! good luck!

Shari - posted on 08/27/2010




Don't stress, i went for my 32 week check up two weeks ago, and bub was measuring small, was only 29cm at 32 weeks, and he never stops moving, and is healthy as anything, they just havn't hit their growth spurt yet, i'm 34 weeks now, and he is starting to grow again. Think yourself lucky :) He may just be smaller then what is considered average, check how big your partner or you were at birth, and will give you a rough estimate, so they say.

Laura - posted on 08/27/2010




they said exactly the same to me a few weeks back but ive had my scan now n hes already 5lb 3oz n they said hes gonna put on another 3lb before he arrives :) i worried when they told me n u dont stop worryin till uve had the scan but u dont wanna worry too much coz its not good for the baby :)

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