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What are some of your baby/toddler's favorite or least favorite foods? My son is 11 months...pretty sure since this is Oct b-day club most of the babies are. He can not get enough fresh peaches! If I let him he would probably eat those and nothing else! He loves any pit fruit but those are by far his favorite! Lately it's been like 1 fresh peach a day. If I let him it would probably be more :) I am going to try to switch over to the fresh pears soon since the peaches are almost out of season. He does not like melons or bananas however but will eat anything else fruit.

I am having a hard time transitioning him to finger foods. He is not horribly picky but he will only eat about a half or quarter of whatever I give him and then start playing with the food and spitting it out. I suppose this is pretty normal but I worry about his weight because he is a little on the smallish side. The pureed food/jar food he will still eat a lot of although he "argues" with me a little about it because he likes to pick up his food and eat it.


Ginger - posted on 09/17/2011




my son loves banana's, really he loves everything, but he recognizes banana's and gets really excited when he sees it. The only thing he doesn't eat is pieces of broccoli, he'll eat it pureed or mixed with something, but I give it to him as a finger food, he feeds it to the dog. lol

He has been eating finger foods for a while, he won't hardly eat baby food anymore.. but he has been getting more playful with it, I just let him take his time, he plays alot (and tries to feed the dog a lot. blah) but eventually he eats it all.

Also, he always wants what mommy and daddy is having, he'll ignore his food sometimes and reach for my plate.

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